September 17th, 2014

Recommended Reading #215: Shifting Perpectives, Pt. V

      “Why The Questions We’re Asking About Sex Work Are Wrong” by Kate D’Adamo (Sex Work, Psychology, Labor, Sex and Culture) 9/9/14

I really appreciate Kate’s (appropriately and realistically, as I see it) nuanced and pragmatic approach in this piece. While I myself have tended to perceive more ideologically than pragmatically in general, in this context I certainly recognize great value in the pragmatism I interpret in this piece.


      “Iowa’s Family Values” by Steven W. Thrasher (Memoir, Marriage, LGBTQ Rights) 4/8/09

I don’t doubt I would find this a lovely piece anyway, but that it was about my home state made it particularly moving to me. I am aware of some political fallout in the state following this that was executed in a way I find appalling (as I understand it, basically the very conservative candidate that lost in the primary race for governor shortly thereafter then leveraged his campaign momentum and resources solely to oust the state Supreme Court judges whose votes had overturned the gay marriage ban…and succeeded :( ), but the state still did indeed overturn a ban on gay marriage, which is currently legally permissible in Iowa.


      “Spanking Is Great for Sex” by Jillian Keenan (Youth, Sociology, Parenting) 9/17/14

I understand how very controversial this will undoubtedly seem. I also, however, agree with it. UPDATE: After I posted this, my attention was brought (through a series of tweets from the truly magnificent Alana Noel Voth to the author) to this response. Please consider it a Recommended Reading addendum!


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September 14th, 2014

Kissing for Good—The Snog for Sommer Blog Tour

It is my privilege to participate in the Snog for Sommer blog tour event to help support author colleague Sommer Marsden and her family as Sommer’s husband battles cancer. The blog tour features more than 50 authors who have posted snippets of their work featuring kissing in order to encourage financial support for Sommer’s family in the midst of this immensely challenging time.


You may recall a few weeks ago when I posted about Summer Loving, the anthology created to financially benefit Sommer and her family. If you missed it, feel free to take a look at my post that explains in a bit more detail why so many of us in the erotica and erotic romance author communities are aspiring to help Sommer and her family at this time. (The post also includes buy links, so feel free to pick up your copy of Summer Loving both to benefit Sommer and to read some lovely flash erotica.)

To participate in the Snog for Sommer blog tour, authors are asked to post a kissing-related excerpt on their blogs today. As I announced yesterday (see post below!!) my first single-author short story collection, If…Then, should be coming out later this month. (I don’t have an exact release date and will be sure to update when I do!) As it happens, there are a few kissing scenes in it. I’ve chosen to excerpt one from one of the two stories in If…Then that are original to the collection/not previously published. The following excerpt is from “Soft and Gray”:

Fighting the urge to turn around and reenter that which was familiar to him, Aaron turned left and set off across the foyer, bypassing the sweeping staircase for the hallway that ran behind it. He had no idea where Kate would be. Most of his visits to the Buchanans’ house had been formal, without much wandering of the countless rooms of the mansion. But the chances were just as good he would run into Kate as either of her parents, and he could always excuse himself if the latter happened. Finding her was more important than politeness.

He quickened his pace, then stopped as he heard a noise. He crept forward, passing a full-length mirror on his right before he came upon the open doorway to the billiard room. Kate was there, quietly pulling a bottle from the wet bar. The glass clinked as the bottle brushed one of its neighbors.

She looked up as he entered. He couldn’t see her eyes. Minus the backlight of the bar, there were no lights on in the room. He couldn’t tell whether she felt anger at his parading around the house trying to find her or relief that he had done exactly that.

He stopped just inside the doorway. Before he realized what he was doing, his hand reached behind him and pushed the door closed. Kate’s shadow didn’t move. When he heard the faint latch, he slowly took a step forward and moved around the pool table toward her. She set her drink down. As he got closer, the smoothness of her skin took on a glow in the faint backlight.

Bethany’s piano playing started up again. Aaron continued forward and slipped his arm around Kate’s waist before he could see her gray eyes clearly. If they looked as they had the last time he’d seen them, he knew he wouldn’t have the nerve to touch her.

To Aaron it felt as if her body tried to stiffen but was receiving mixed signals somewhere inside. He pushed his mouth to hers, suddenly breathless with wanting her. Grabbing her with both arms, he twirled her around and lifted her in one movement to the pool table where she sat with her legs wrapped around his waist as he kissed her with a desperation he couldn’t remember ever feeling. It didn’t have to do with her body, with fucking her. It was just her. Or him. Or both, he couldn’t tell. He just knew that the very act of touching her was like an orgasm. Their clothes were all on, his hands touching only her waist, and he felt like he was coming—like something was climaxing in him that wasn’t sexual but felt just as powerful, as though he couldn’t bear to stop touching her.

Kate’s lips were kissing him back, but it felt like a moment out of time, like something beyond their actual lives that he couldn’t necessarily count on to mean what he wanted it to when it was over. He had seen her body overtake her before, when it was as though it borrowed time from her mind.

It didn’t mean it wouldn’t have to be paid back.

-from “Soft and Gray,” a story in If…Then, forthcoming from 1001 Nights Press

Thank you so much for coming by today, and please visit the Snog for Sommer blog tour page to find links to all the other participants, as well as a link at which to donate if you feel so moved. Namaste, and be well!


“Maybe you’re losing pieces of your heart, you have a world but it stopped turning…spare your heart, save your soul…and hey, now, let’s recover your soul…”
-Elton John “Recover Your Soul”

September 13th, 2014

I’m Going to Have a Book of My Own!!

I have been honored and unspeakably excited over the last several years (good lord, almost ten now) to have a number of short stories published in various editors’ anthologies and at online magazines. I have not, however, ever published a book of my own.

That will change at the end of this month. In literally one of the most exciting things I have experienced in this lifetime, my single-author erotic romance short story collection, titled If…Then, will be published by 1001 Nights Press in late September—ideally just in time for Hot Mojave Knights!

AND THIS is the cover. I don’t know that I could have even conceived of one more beautiful or with which I would be more thrilled.


I feel so much appreciation right now for the myriad ways so many people (so very many) have helped and supported me in the context of writing and multiple other ways. Thank you to Rachel Kramer Bussel, Alison Tyler, Violet Blue, Jolie du Pre, and Kristina Wright for choosing my work for your anthologies. Thank you to Cleis Press, Logical-Lust, Sensorotika, Mischief, Ravenous Romance, Excessica, and Sweetmeats Press (that one’s forthcoming!) for publishing those and other anthologies in which I appeared. Thank you to The Erotic Woman, the Good Vibrations blog, Erotica for All, and the now-defunct Oysters & Chocolate erotic and Ruthie’s Club for publishing my work online and to Susana Mayer and Monica Day for inviting me to be featured readers at their events. Thank you enormously to 1001 Nights Press for publishing my collected work in a book that has my name on the cover :) , and thank you to Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) for teaching me so much about marketing and offering access to so many resources I will now be needing to use (haha). And a heartfelt thanks definitely goes out to the many, many dear colleagues and friends (often the same thing) I have met in the erotica-writing community over the last near-decade. I appreciate you all so much.

I don’t have an exact release date and will post updates, undoubtedly, for…well, the indefinite future! ;)


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September 12th, 2014

HMK is Two Weeks Away!


Hey, that rhymes. ;)

This year’s Hot Mojave Knights (HMK) in Las Vegas is from September 25-28 and will be the event’s second annual manifestation. I went last year and am honored and so excited to be attending again this year as a Court Spotlight Author.

HMKsaI’m not only looking forward to going, I am having (just as I did last year!) tons of fun getting things ready to be there. My costume for the warrior-themed ball is very close to complete, I just sent my swag for the swag bags off to the organizers today, and I’ve just gotten started making the special swag for the people who sit at my table for Saturday night’s ball/banquet. So much fun!! I tend to really like doing stuff like this. ;)

Oh, and I almost forgot—I’ve been hard at work on my raffle basket, too. This year proceeds from our raffle baskets go to Operation Homefront (and I so admire and appreciate that the HMK organizers make a point to organize financial support for a charitable cause as part of the event). I’ll be sure to post pictures of my raffle basket after I’ve compiled everything and put it all together. Pictures will be forthcoming of my special swag too!

Speaking of swag, here is a picture mine for this year—a homemade bookmark with one side green glitter and one side my pen name and website (click to enlarge):


I love glitter. ;)

That’s all for now. If you haven’t registered yet and you live in or near Las Vegas or want to take a trip there, please do join us! If attending the whole event won’t work for you but you find yourself in the Vegas area that Saturday, September 27, we’d love to see you at our public book-signing event from 1:00 -4:00 p.m. at Sunset Station Hotel and Casino!

Let’s get ready to viva Las Vegas!!


”Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire…”
-Elvis Presley “Viva Las Vegas”

September 10th, 2014

Recommended Reading #214: Raising Awareness, Pt. II

      “Next Time Someone Says Women Aren’t Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This.” by Robot Hugs (Gender Socialization, Sociology) 8/9/14

I find this nicely put. I’ve read (and recommended) things that said basically the same thing before; I appreciate this as another way of straightforwardly and succinctly expressing it.


      “Mr. Obama, Your Move” by the New York Times Editorial Board (Non-Sex-Related, U.S. Public Policy, Labor, Sociology) 8/9/14

I don’t claim to be any expert on immigration law. I do, however, agree with what I interpret to be stated here. And as with so many (if not all) areas of public policy, I see laws and policies as neither the facilitators nor the upholders of shift…though they can contribute in certain instances/ways. Laws will not fix our species. A much greater shift(s) is necessary for that.


      “Crime, Bias and Statistics” by Charles M. Blow (Non-Sex-Related, Sociological Research, Race) 9/7/14

I so agree with this and agree too that it’s important to point out. I myself find almost all statistics related to social phenomena something that may seem interesting but should be observed with an understanding that both ways of gathering and ways of interpreting statistics are easily manipulable, both intentionally and unintentionally.


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