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May 30th, 2007

Another Wow!

I just got an update from Sensorotika Press, publisher of the forthcoming anthology Erotika: Bedtime Stories. The book will be coming out June 1, and in it will be my story, “Let It Snow”! I have known for a while that the story was accepted for this anthology, but the publication of it was delayed for a number of reasons, so I was unsure when it would actually be coming out. I’m so excited!

I might also add that I am loving the cover — it’s different from the one on which they originally planned, which I also loved, but I find this one just beautiful. (It’ll look great in whatever ridiculously prominent place I put it on display in my apartment! ;))

In addition — and I am SO excited by this — the title of my story (“Let It Snow”) is mentioned in the publisher’s book description on Amazon! Wow, wow, wow!

::Prances off with glee…::


UPDATE: Oh my — I just discovered that here on the publisher’s website, it mentions my name in the book description!!

Erotika: Bedtime Stories available for pre-order — release date June 1, 2007
Sensorotika Press

May 12th, 2007


I was aware that GV Weekly, the online magazine of Good Vibrations, had put out a call a few months ago for readers’ votes/feedback on their favorite erotica stories published in GV Weekly in 2006. I wasn’t sure when they were planning to post the results, but I was just visiting GV Weekly and saw that the results were posted last week (the day after my birthday :)) — and that my story, “Business and Pleasure,” received an honorable mention! I am so utterly delighted, not to mention enormously flattered, since this result came from actual readers out there who read my work and voted for it! Wow!!! :)

There are two winners, three runners-up, and nine honorable mentions. I’m not sure if the honorable mentions are listed in any particular order…but mine is first. :)

Thank you, GV Weekly readers!! And thank you, GV Weekly, for publishing my story back in June of last year!

(It happens to be Good Vibrations’ 30th birthday this year — do I even need to say how much I love their new slogan?? ;))