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March 2nd, 2008

My “Wickedly Woven Tale”!

Okay, so here’s one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in the writing world ever (I know, I’ve said that a number of times in the last several months — which is awesome!!) — I was just on the Erotica Readers and Writers Association website and saw that Ashley Lister has reviewed K is for Kinky for this month!

When I saw the review listing in the side bar, I caught my breath. I clicked on it and, after noticing I was still holding my breath, let it out slowly as I scrolled down, almost afraid to wonder if he had mentioned my story.

And he had.

Right after his one-sentence paragraph of, “The content is certainly kinky and this book is a must read,” I read this:

“The first story I dipped into was Emerald’s ‘Wings and All.’ I was drawn to this one because the kinkiness of the protagonist’s bee costume seemed so peculiar that I had to find out how the story had been executed. . . .

Thanks to Emerald’s wickedly woven tale of apiform amour I can now see why bees (and bee wanna-bees) are so exciting. The next time there’s a fancy dress party I shall either go dressed as a flower, in the hope that some will want to rub against my stamen, or you can simply cover me in honey and throw me to the queens—but only in the kinky way.”


To be honest, just the idea that Ashley Lister has read something I wrote, much less mentioned it in a review, leaves me practically breathless.

In the extensive list of why this is so exciting for me, included is the fact that I adore Ashley Lister and have for years, ever since I first discovered and started reading his offerings on the ERWA website. I have consistently found him for one thing a riot, and for another thing charmingly and substantively informative on whatever subject he is writing about.

Second on the list is that this review is on the Erotica Readers and Writers Association website. This website is, to put it simply, the reason I have seen every single success I have in publishing erotica. It’s an incredible resource for erotica writers, and without it I have no idea how I would have discovered the network of editors and writers that I have and known where to ever submit the things I was writing that were eventually published (and many not, of course, but hey, that’s not what this post is about).

Thus, to see my name/story mentioned on it is a special honor to me.

A sincere and heartfelt thanks goes out to Mr. Lister for his commentary on my story, as well as one again to Ms. Tyler for accepting it and Cleis Press for publishing K is for Kinky!


“I don’t live in some surreal part of the universe where women dress like bees all the time, although I now have a new idea for the sexual-fantasy paradise where I would like to retire . . . .”
Ashley Lister in his review of K is for Kinky