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November 4th, 2008

Thrilling News on the Writing Front!

I just got home from a road trip to upstate New York for the weekend, so I am a little late with this news. But two very exciting writerly things happened while I was up there! :)

1) I received the news that Jolie du Pre accepted my story for the Swing! anthology she is editing, which is planned for release in spring of 2009. I feel enormously honored to be included in this anthology and am very excited about it. Plus, I am delighted that in addition to Jolie herself, I will get to be alongside writers such as Donna George Storey, Jeremy Edwards, and Ashley Lister in Swing! as well!

2) The beautiful Oysters & Chocolate Erotic website published my story “Self-Preservation” today! It is up on their home page right now, and the direct link is here. This is my first appearance at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic, and I am delighted to be making it! :)

That’s all for now, as I really did just get home, but I wanted to share that exciting news right away!


Swing! website
“Self-Preservation” at Oysters & Chocolate