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February 12th, 2009

Valentine’s Week at Good Vibrations Magazine!

I am delighted to announce that Good Vibrations Magazine has just published my story “Cougar,” up right now as this week’s featured article!

This is my third appearance at Good Vibrations Magazine, and I have consistently enjoyed working with them and thank them once again for the opportunity to be published on their site.

Happy Valentine’s Day! :)


At times I know they’re already hard, and I want to reach down and grab the stiff cock ready to slide into me and stroke it right there, in the middle of the grassy campus on a sunny day or the edges of a dim bar on a Saturday night or wherever it is we happen to be. . . . I want to see that shocked look on their young faces as I murmur filth into their ear with their peers standing just feet away or streaming by on the way to class.
-From “Cougar”

February 5th, 2009

Sex and Music!

Not only is it an awesome combination, but it’s also the subject of the new e-anthology published by Ravenous Romance containing my story “With Random Precision”! I am thrilled to announce the release of and my inclusion in Love Notes: A Music & Sex Anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. (Due to a glitch on the listing, I was not listed as a contributor when the book went up on the site today, but that has been fixed now.)

Since I already received a comment about my story’s title from the illustrious fellow contributor Jeremy Edwards, I want to mention here that I did not actually come up with it — it is a phrase from the song that plays a key part in the story, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5,” by Pink Floyd.

Sex and music are two of my favorite things (and I’ve heard are a number of others’ favorite things too!), so I am really excited about this anthology. Love Notes, an e-book, is available for purchase and download for $4.99 at the Ravenous Romance website; today it is the featured book of the day!


His hands worked efficiently, sliding just enough rope through his fingers then around parts of my naked body, walking around me in circles as he wound it around me, through itself, over my shoulders or under my wrists. Occasionally he whipped the slack like one shakes out an extension cord before using it. The shining purple cord would jolt and dance in the air for a split second before thudding back to the floor. I could almost feel his concentration.
-From “With Random Precision”

February 4th, 2009

Wrapping Up with Castles, Kilts, and Chocolate

Our progressive blog feast comes be a beautiful closing today with final host Nikki Magennis‘s delectable truffles and gorgeous castle setting. Come help yourself to spiked coffee, talk with us about erotica, and see some lovely men in kilts! ;)

February 3rd, 2009

Multiple Indulgences

Today Sommer Marsden handles (a little bit roughly, I suspect) our second-to-last course, dessert, in the progressive blog feast! Come by to revel in indulgence and talk about who’s on your list. List of what, you ask? You’ll have to come by and see. ;)

February 2nd, 2009

Salad, Sequins, Seasons, and Sex

Vegetables inspire me. No really, they do. Just hearing the word makes me think of healthful food, food as it was meant to be, created by nature and offered straight to us. A veritable rainbow of the vibrant hues of nature, shiny and glossy or gorgeously soil-caked just inches from the garden, vegetables epitomize to me food from the earth, nature’s ecosystem, feeding us directly from its exquisite bounty.

Which is why I feel so honored to present the salad course in our magnificent progressive blog feast. It is not solely comprised of vegetables, but they make up a substantial part of it, of course (or at least the base!). So welcome, welcome, welcome to The Green Light District and the salad course of the “Sensual and Provocative Progressive Dinner ala Blog”!

First, this course will be black-tie optional. I love to dress up, and when I do, I like to go all the way! And I like to go all the way as far as my outfit too. So I will be wearing my hot pink sequined cocktail dress (and ogling Mr. Emerald in his tuxedo). If you don’t feel like dressing up, that’s no problem of course — I did mean “optional” advisedly. :)

As I begin to present the course for today, our musical interlude will be “Any Colour You Like” by Pink Floyd, as performed here on the 1994 Pulse tour:

So historically there are two different basic salads I have liked to make (with a number of variations of each). As I was considering what to prepare for this course, it struck me that one seemed distinctly more “wintery” and one much more “summery.”

I had been thinking I wanted to prepare the summer one for this occasion, but it ended up being the winter one that seemed to want to come forth and be offered right now. And that makes sense — it is, after all, winter. It may have been an invitation for me to remember to give winter its due reverence. (Maybe if we make this a biannual tradition I’ll get to present the summer salad during its season! ;)) So today we will be partaking in a “winter” salad.

Seasonally speaking, however, at the location I have chosen, we get to visually appreciate both.

Here we are in a large, magnificent indoor botanical garden, complete with occasional butterflies flitting around, immaculate glass walls separating us atmospherically from the outside but not visually. Immediately surrounding us are bright bursts of summer’s bountiful foliage —

— while just a little further, through the glass walls, winter waits calmly outside.

The temperature is balmy in here (which in real life might not be so comfortable in a tuxedo, but that’s the beauty of doing this in blogland), so if you get too hot — well, wait a minute, I guess that’s the aim…. But if the temperature starts to feel too warm in here for you, feel free to step outside to the serene stillness of winter just beyond the glass.

So without further ado let me present you with the preparation process of Emerald’s Winter Salad:

-Approximately 6 cups fresh baby spinach
-1/2 cup sautéed diced zucchini and/or yellow squash (I used a combination)
-1/2 cup diced yellow tomato
-1/4 cup dried cranberries
-1/4 cup raw pine nuts
-1/4 cup crumbled gorgonzola
-1 teaspoon fresh chopped dill
-a hint of minced garlic

-1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
-1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
-1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill
-2 teaspoons flax seeds

1) Chop dill.

2) Dice zucchini and/or yellow squash. Sauté on medium heat in extra virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon fresh chopped dill, and a hint of minced garlic (I myself found a clove to be too much), stirring occasionally, until soft, or about 8 minutes. Place in a separate container and put in the refrigerator to cool about 20 minutes.

3) Prepare dressing by combining ingredients in a small bowl.

4) Dice yellow tomato.

5) Place spinach in serving bowl. Add diced tomato, zucchini/squash, dried cranberries, and pine nuts and toss. Add dressing. Add gorgonzola (I like to do this last just so it doesn’t get squished so much) and serve.

I myself don’t drink, so I will be complementing my salad with a lovely sparkling blueberry juice from Trader Joe’s. :) However, for those of you for whom that does not seem so satisfying (which I suspect is a lot of you, lol), I have Mr. Emerald here, who not only does drink but is a renowned bartender and drink-inventor and will be presenting to accompany our winter salad one of his winter creations:

“When I was in the Caribbean, I was introduced to a cool little libation that goes by the name of ‘Banshee.’ It was the perfect midday cocktail in the warm, tropical sun. Sipping around a little paper umbrella on the deck of a snorkel boat or swigging them down by the cupful under a full sized umbrella on the beach. It’s a simple recipe… you can’t really ruin it if you try.

Take 1 part Crème de Cacao, 1 part Crème de Banana and 2 parts milk and combine them in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until frosty. Strain into a glass and garnish with an umbrella or pineapple wedge.

Me being ever the cocktail wizard, I couldn’t leave the Banshee be. I decided to ‘winterize.’ I created a drink called the ‘Whaling Banshee.’ It’s the same as the recipe above, except add 1 part Whaler’s Vanilla Rum. You can use Bacardi Vanilla Rum if you can’t find Whaler’s, but you lose the fun play on words in the title… and where’s the fun in that? The basic Banshee tastes like a bit of a chocolate and banana milkshake. The ‘Whaling Banshee’ tastes like a chocolate and banana milkshake that someone put booze into. It gives you that soft, warm feeling inside that often departs one on a cold winter night.”

Thank you Mr. Emerald!

Lastly, before I offer our discussion topic for the course, I want to extend a giant thank you to Donna George Storey and Kirsten Monroe for cooking up (oh, look at me being all punny) this magnificent idea and organizing us and also to my fellow hosts who have offered such beautiful presentations thus far and that I have no doubt will continue to tomorrow and the next day. ;) I have enormously enjoyed taking part, and I thank you, also, lovely reader, for being here.

So as we sit here amongst the sultry vibrance of summer and gaze upon the boundless silence of winter, I want to invite you to tell me about the seasons. Or season — which season do you find sexiest? Any particular one? Do you feel like the seasons influence your sexual experience? Seasonal memories you want to share?

Or if you’re feeling ambitious, tell me what you think is sexy about each season.

Thank you all so much, again, for being here. Tomorrow we will head to succulent Smut Girl Sommer Marsden for dessert — I mean, to her blog for her presentation of the dessert course. The Whaling Banshee is a sweet drink (I am told), leading us neatly into whatever sweet indulgence Sommer has planned for us….