April 8th, 2009

Come All Over My Face, Baby

Welcome to my day of the Blow Hard Tour 2009! I am delighted that you’re here. :)

When Sommer Marsden told us about her friend who said women don’t like giving blow jobs, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard that. As I said in Sommer’s comments section that day (which led me to here!), what seems unbelievable about that to me is the idea that any one sexual act would be presumed to be liked or disliked by an entire group of people based on their sharing of a biological characteristic. Could one really believe that all women or all men like or dislike any particular sexual act simply by virtue of their sex? The idea is mind-blowing to me. This tour, actually, has ironically demonstrated the individuality of sexual preference and attraction in myriad ways, which is one of the things I have loved about it.

So one of the things that hasn’t come up too overtly during the tour that happens to be one of my favorite things about blow jobs is the facial. I don’t know how I could talk about how much I love blow jobs without mentioning how much I love it when a man comes all over my face. I’m not sure why I find it so breathtakingly sexy, but I feel like I can’t get enough of it. According to my vote over at EllaRegina’s on Monday, I do swallow sometimes, but generally only if the circumstances request not making a mess. If I have my way, I love to make a mess. I like come all over my face, on my tits, in my hair, almost anywhere (steering clear of the eyes, of course).

Most of the blow job scenes I have written involve come ending up all over some part of the giver’s body if the blow job ends in orgasm (which of course it doesn’t always). The scene that follows is excerpted from a story that I just finished a few weeks ago. It is not published, so I can’t refer you to the rest of it, but this scene seemed to fit the subject, as it were. :)

I was still breathing heavily when the door scraped open again and Jake stepped out, smiling faintly as he met my eyes.

“You look like you’re ready to go.” He seemed just the way he had while working on my computer — straightforward, focused, businesslike. Even under the present circumstances the polish was still there.

It made me just as hot as I’d thought it would.

I chuckled breathlessly and found that I was too aroused and out of breath to formulate words. Jake’s focused expression took on a lustful tenor as he reached down and unbuckled his belt. He undid his pants and pulled his cock out; without instruction, I knew what part of me he had chosen to penetrate.

I smiled and gave him a wink as I dropped to my knees, taking his cock in my mouth and looking up at him as he drew in a quick breath. Knowing I only had a few minutes, I sucked hard and fast, taking his cock all the way in, growing wetter with every pump. Momentarily I drew back, saliva joining my lips and his cock as I looked up at him.

“I like this a little rough,” I whispered. “So if you have no objections, I would love it if you would grab my hair and push my head onto your cock when you come.”

Jake’s cool demeanor almost slipped as his mouth opened slightly and his eyes half closed. I resumed sucking his dick, and he snaked a hand around to the back of my neck. He grunted quietly as he acquiesced, gripping my hair with both hands and shoving my head forward rhythmically as his hot come started to spurt into my mouth. I looked up at him and gripped the base of his cock, stroking as he finished coming, letting it run across my lips and down my chin.

When he was done, I smiled. He did too, coolly, and backed up as he tucked his cock back into his pants.

“Thank you,” he said, reaching down to help me to my feet. He met my eyes. “You suck one hell of a cock.” For the first time, his voice was rough, and I thought I might come at the sound. With a nod, he turned toward the door. “See you inside.”

Of course, it’s not as though I don’t appreciate giving head that doesn’t end in a facial. On the contrary. An example is the following excerpt, a short one that starts off one of my stories published at Good Vibrations Magazine called “Play for Me.” These are its opening lines, and this time the story may be read in its entirety if you’d like here:

Grace knelt in front of him, topless, jeans unbuttoned, unzipped, as James sat on the couch in his basement. Languidly she leaned forward and brushed her tits over his erection. Looking up at him, she lowered her head and touched the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Almost as quickly, she flicked it back into her mouth; James caught his breath, his hard cock throbbing inches from her face.

Gracefully she wrapped her manicured fingers around the base of his cock, lowering her mouth to it again. His head went back as she sucked slowly, fingertips brushing his balls as she sucked him almost lazily, obviously in no hurry for him to get off.

She pulled back. Dropping onto her heels, she scooted several inches away and gave him an innocent smile.

“Play for me,” she said.

(continue reading)

And now for a little bit of humor, Kevin Smith-style:

(When he says, “You sucked that guy’s dick?!” I laugh out loud every time. While I admittedly find his big baby antics in this context amusing, I certainly appreciate the way she tells him off in the midst of them. ;))

It has been my pleasure to host you today, and thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to comment if you would like — as you may know, Sommer (the Dirty Cocksucking Instigator) will be drawing a name from the commentors throughout the tour to win this fabulous prize package! Thanks to all the participants who came before me and to those still to come. (Heh heh.) A big thanks especially to Sommer Marsden for instigating this blog tour and getting us all organized (on our knees in a nice little row…).

Last but not least, please join us again tomorrow as the Blow Hard Tour 2009 continues at the blog of the lovely Kristina Wright!


“When you call my name, it’s like a little prayer, I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there…”
-Madonna “Like a Prayer”

64 Responses “Come All Over My Face, Baby”

  1. EllaRegina says:

    Hey, Emerald!

    Job well done! ;-) (And thanks for the shout out to my post of yesterday…)

    I love that there is a facial in one excerpt and a manicured hand in the other. Some fabulous salon you’re running!

    Without instruction, I knew what part of me he had chosen to penetrate.

    Awesome line!!!!

    Great scene, Emerald, and perfectly rendered!

    I also love the feel of come on my face, and the mess of it — its warmth and slippery-slidy-ness. (And, of course, the smell and taste.) It’s a love explosion!!

    I shall be back later to comment on the rest of your splendid offerings. Too sleepy at the moment to be properly coherent, but wanted to pop in and say hello.

    (BTW, in my post of yesterday I am now linking each Tour Guide’s name directly to their respective Tour posts. Everyone up to and including you are already linked; I’ll insert — oops! — the ones to come (!) as they happen. It will ultimately document all the Tour stops, should anyone else want to grab the HTML code and do likewise, for posterity.)

  2. EllaRegina says:

    (I think that should be ‘is,’ not ‘are’). Tired. :-0 I hope this place is flooded with comments (!) by the time I get back.

  3. Heidi says:

    Absolutley love it. All of it. Kevin Smith is my hero. Fabulous snippets, Emerald. So hot, so well done.

    “My girlfriend sucked 36 dicks.”
    “In a row?”


  4. Heidi already grabbed the quote from that Clerks segment I was going to shout out. I love that bit!

    Great post, Emerald.

    You hit on the essence: over generalizing. It’s so ridiculous that any group of people would be universally predisposed to like or not like a single thing. I suppose people say things like that to justify their hang ups. “If everybody hates it, it’s okay if I do.”

    Great excerpts. I loved the tension of Jake’s focused expression took on a lustful tenor as he reached down and unbuckled his belt.

    So much anticipation in that line! And of course, a great lead in to the line EllaRegina mentioned!

  5. cerulean says:

    This tour has become part of my morning routine. I might experience withdrawal symptoms when it’s over!

    “Snowballing.” So that’s what it’s called? mmmm. Didn’t know that. I’ll be filing that little gem away somewhere. You’re never too old to learn, I guess.

    I’m more of a neat and tidy BJer but I can appreciate the rush of having it sprayed all over–I guess if he wanted to get off that way, I’d probably suggest doing it in the shower.

    Thanks for hosting today, Emerald. The work-to-pay-the-bills requirement calls again. I’ve been late all week. Should try to make it on time today. Be back this evening.


  6. Emerald says:

    Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping by!

    “Some fabulous salon you’re running!”

    Lol, ER! Thank you so much for your comments about my excerpts. I started to do that link thing too but have slacked off since Dakota. :) Be on that in a bit.

    Thank you Heidi! Dolly Parton and Kevin Smith — that’s two great heroes!! I’m not far behind you on both of them! ;)

    Craig, thank you so much! And yes, that is definitely the thing that occurred to me first when Sommer shared her friend’s statement with us. I find such an idea incredible, seriously.

    Hi cerulean! Welcome! Ha, it’s amazing what one can learn from Kevin Smith. ;) I can understand the neat and tidy desire — funnily, I have tended that direction in many other areas. This for some reason has been an exception. ;)

    Thank you all again for stopping by so early, and have a lovely day at work for those of you headed that way.

  7. Sommer says:

    am a huge fan of the messy bj myself. i have to admit, though. more than face, getting it in my hair gets me off. nothing says “we had fun!” like good stiff hair!

    oh my god. who said that?


  8. JM Stone says:

    Wow Emerald – those were, well, mind-blowing ;)

    Home sick today and far from coherent, but I look forward to try to follow all the comments ;)


  9. EllaRegina says:

    Oh, yes, and it is good for the skin. Everyone knows that!

    And what Craig said about over generalizing. It’s usually just insecure opinionated people projecting their own opinion on the rest of the population.

    I don’t think “snowballing” is quite right. We must think of something else. Wrong temperature and consistency, much as I like snow.

  10. Erobintica says:

    hahahaha – good stiff hair – thought that was only me – there’s something about going out someplace with – good stiff hair – that kinda gives me a little thrill. ;-) I seem to recall clicking a number of options on ER’s poll.

    Oh, and I love that bit from Clerks (well, the whole movie and so glad to see other K. Smith lovers here – wow, hubby puts up with my habit and thinks some of his stuff is funny, but…)

    And Emerald, can’t wait to read the rest of that first story, and loved the second one – though I’m pretty sure I’d read it before. It was perfect as a follow up to yesterday’s tour stop!

    Okay, gotta go do my exercises, but I’ll be back.

  11. Alison Tyler says:

    Early on, someone told me that I wouldn’t like giving blow jobs. (A mentor-type of older woman.) “They’re messy,” she told me, with a shudder.

    I’ve thought of her often over the years, wondering why she would choose clean over sexy.

    Fabulous post on facials—and I enjoyed your lazy bj (“His head went back as she sucked slowly, fingertips brushing his balls as she sucked him almost lazily, obviously in no hurry for him to get off.”) very much.


  12. ste says:

    hi, i’m new round these parts!

    that was a great read! love the first excerpt in particular. it bodes well for the rest of the story ;)

    and i’d forgotten about that scene in Clerks… I’ll have to dig around and find the dvd and watch it again.

  13. Neve Black says:

    Good Morning!
    I loved every shuddering ounce of your tour stop post today! Yes, the warm, sticky sweetness of cum spread over my face, neck, boobs and belly is fantastic. It’s just sexy, hot.

    I enjoyed both stories too. Thank you for that. :-)

    Big fan of Kevin Smith: Mall Rats, Clerks, and Chasing Amy are my top three picks.

    Great pictures too, sexy grrrl.

  14. Greazy Tony says:

    More great insights, and very hot excerpts (I don’t know why but I also find the word excerpt kind of sexy). After reading your post earlier this morning I’ve spent the last two hours whistling the Liz Phair song H.W.C. I think Liz is possibly one of the sexiest women on the planet, and Heidi referenced LP’s song “Flower” in her tour stop the other day. I’m nearly positive Emerald has heard this song, but for the rest of you who haven’t, here are the lyrics:
    Give it to me, don’t give it away
    Don’t think about what the others say
    My skins getting clear, my hairs so bright
    All you do is fuck me every day and night

    You’re my secret beauty routine
    Na, na, na, na, what my body has seen
    I am lookin’ good and I’m feeling nice
    Baby you’re the best magazine advice

    Gimme your hot white come (X4)

    I’m gonna pull you back down between the sheets
    Everything is fresher when the day is sweet
    In the morning light when you’re already on the phone

    Face it, one of these days
    Without you I’m just another Dorian Gray
    It’s the fountain of youth
    It’s the meaning of life
    So hot, so sweet, so wet my appetite

    Gimme your hot white come (x4)

    Face it, one of these days
    Without you I’m just another Dorian Gray
    It’s the fountain of youth
    It’s the meaning of life
    Baby you’re the best magazine advice

    Gimme your hot white come (X8)

  15. Emerald says:

    Reading all your comments is almost better than a fabulous facial itself! (Though really, why should they be mutually exclusive?…hmmm, something to look into today.)

    “Good stiff hair” — that phrase seems to have the same lilt as “Hot White Come”!! ;)

    JM, welcome, thank you so much, and I’m wishing you healing! Take care of yourself and feel free to stop back in any time it corresponds as such. :)

    Thank you, Robin, for your comments about both excerpts/story — I much appreciate that. :)

    Thank you Alison! “Clean over sexy” — oh, that is delightful. As I mentioned earlier I have been known to prefer “clean” in other areas, so I sure appreciate this being one where that urge hasn’t taken over. Heh.

    Hello, ste, and welcome! Delighted to see you here! Thank you so much — I’m so glad you liked the excerpts. Yes, that part of Clerks just cracks me up, and it struck me as so perfect for today’s post.

    Hi Neve! “every shuddering ounce” — wow, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Tony!! Great to see you, and welcome! Thanks so much for posting those fabulous lyrics, which indeed fit right in here today.

    It is such a joy to read all your fabulous comments — thank you all, truly, for coming (ha) by!

  16. Marina says:

    Hi Emerald! Just in for a quickie – will be back after work to comment more. So much good messy fun!

  17. EllaRegina says:

    Gosh, AT, icky that a mentor, of all people, would put such an idea in your head. Luckily for you it didn’t, um, stick.

    In some salons the hair stuff is called product.

  18. Sommer says:

    they’re messy…heh heh. hell, yeah they are! but isn’t that part of the fun? we aren’t supposed to be loud, but when we fuck we are loud. we aren’t supposed to be messy, well, try wrangling all that come when you push him one step too far…

    that is why sex/blow jobs et al are so much fun! to me at least. I can be loud, messy, dirty, hot, selfish, giving, long, short, fast, slow, lazy, intent, sticky, wet…whew. what?

    sorry. am back from doc. am on drugs. if I say anything dumb well…who the hell are we kidding…i probably meant it! ;)

    wish the man was home. would like some sticky hair. that is why i love There’s Something ABout Mary so much with that hair sticking straight up! ha!


  19. Emerald says:

    Hi Marina! Hey, quickies are cool. ;) Do feel free to come (heh…again, could we pick a tour topic with more double entendre?) back post-work!

    “In some salons the hair stuff is called product.”

    LOL EllaRegina!

    “I can be loud, messy, dirty, hot, selfish, giving, long, short, fast, slow, lazy, intent, sticky, wet”

    What a fabulous line, Sommer. On drugs back from the doc…I hope you’re all right. Wishing you healing too, and thank you for coming by in your altered state. :)

  20. EllaRegina says:

    AHAHA. I loved that scene, and the movie in general. AHAHAHA.

  21. I love your unpublished excerpt– can’t wait to see where it ends up! There’s an intimacy in this scene that demonstrates blow jobs aren’t just about pleasing the man. :)

    I don’t know if I have a preference for neat over messy, but I do seem to write very neat blow jobs. Hmm. Maybe because my long hair tends to get in the way and I end up with oddly stiff pieces when things get messy. :)

  22. Emerald says:

    ER, Mr. Emerald is sleeping right beside me (will have to wait a bit to do away with the mutual exclusivity thing) or I’d watch it again right now. :) It seriously makes me laugh out loud.

    Hi Kristina! I believe that’s called “good stiff hair” around here. ;)

    “I love your unpublished excerpt– can’t wait to see where it ends up!”

    Thank you so much! And heh, thanks for that optimism! ;)

  23. EllaRegina says:

    Time for a jewelry infomercial and more salon data in great detail! (Nice illustration.)

  24. EllaRegina says:

    I just posted with some links. “Awaiting moderation.” Maybe they think I’m Spam.

  25. Neve Black says:

    Messy is good! I dated someone for a short while (not the musician) that preferred sex only when everyone was, spic and span clean…holy crap! You miss out on a lot of fun, dirty sex if you have to be so clean all the time…yawn…boring. Did I mention, it was a really short period that we dated. :-0

  26. Oh, my, Emerald, this is soooo HOT! I really love your excerpts, the different flavors of each. Slow and lazy blow jobs are so appealing–focusing on process rather than progress is the key to a happy life!

    I’m sure your in-progress work won’t be “unpublished” for long. There’s something about the business-like focus giving way to sensual pleasure that really does it for me. Or maybe it’s just this talk of facials. I’m a huge fan of spurting semen–love the way it feels so hot on my skin, love the unpredictable quality of the spurts. I swallow more often than not, but when I’m really turned on (and I am when my guy comes on my skin) I like him to feed it to be drop by drop, like a chocolate mousse or something. Yummmy ;-).

    The Clerks snippet is hilarious (everyone already quoted my favorite lines!), but also sad. As in Chasing Amy we have this insecure guy who can’t deal with his girlfriend’s PAST experience. And it ruins something good. Ah, well, I guess this all gives tension and conflict to erotic writing. The good thing is, just as we can’t generalize about blow jobs, some men aren’t so uptight and appreciate experience!

    Thanks for a fabulously juicy post.

  27. Nice post Emerald! I like messy too … though snowballing is OUT as far as I’m concerned. It’s not the spunk, it’s the saliva I have a problem with, ha ha.

  28. Cora Zane says:

    Smoking hot excerpts, Emerald. I especially love the first one. Hawt!

    I’ve never understood the messy sex phobia. Love is never neat and tidy, why should a blow job be? ~_^

  29. Emerald says:

    Sorry, ER! It did indeed (it’s just set to let me moderate it if it has more than two links). I just approved it. :)

  30. Emerald says:

    Ha! Go EllaRegina with the dirty Wikipedia entries! ;)

    Donna! Thank you!

    “There’s something about the business-like focus giving way to sensual pleasure that really does it for me.”

    Actually that does it for me too. And thank you also for the optimism. ;)

    “but also sad. As in Chasing Amy we have this insecure guy who can’t deal with his girlfriend’s PAST experience.”

    I completely agree. That’s why I made a point to note how I appreciate Veronica’s telling him off. I think Kevin writes it that way on purpose, as well, in both movies — as you note, it ruins something, indicating (it seems to me) the futility of such an attitude on the part of both male characters in question.

    Hi Janine! Thank you! I will admit I’ve never engaged in snowballing…though granted, it’s never been requested of me, heh.

    Thank you Cora!

    “Love is never neat and tidy, why should a blow job be?”

    What a lovely point/line.

  31. Erobintica says:

    We just had a snow flurry! Ack! No snowballing though – hahahaha.

    Those are great links, ER – I liked this. ” Mild cases of semen allergy can often be overcome by repeated exposure to seminal fluid.”

    A little dab’ll do ya.

  32. Sommer says:

    Janine said: “It’s not the spunk, it’s the saliva I have a problem with, ha ha.”

    Oh ha! hahaha! Sorry. Durr. Am loopy but that just struck me as so damn funny.

    Spic and Span clean sex only, Neve? HOw very serial killerish. Some of the best sex is sweaty I just ran and my leggings are now around my knees in the kitchen sex.

    I missed your Madonna quote, initially, Emerald! Brilliant :)

  33. So much beautiful writing (and commenting)! Yum!

  34. Emerald says:

    Hi Jeremy! Thank you! :)

  35. Neve Black says:

    Sommer! “…Some of the best sex is sweaty I just ran and my leggings are now around my knees in the kitchen sex…”

    Can we get a picture of that, please? Please?

  36. Sommer says:

    *Can we get a picture of that, please? Please?*

    Neve, I did not say “prettiest”! I said best ;)

  37. Emerald says:

    Lol! Ah, Sommer, perhaps you are underestimating as such. ;)

  38. Mr. Emerald says:

    Wonderful job as always Emerald.

    And your writing was good too!

  39. Emerald says:

    Hahaha dear, thanks. ;) (Note: aforementioned mutual exclusivity has been rendered nonexistent…)

  40. Mr. Emerald says:

    Shot who with the what now?

  41. Emerald says:

    You have to read the rest of the comments that came before yours, dear. :)

  42. Mr. Emerald says:

    I can’t be bothered with readin’ ‘n stuff. I’m here for the “research”.

    I’m kidding of course.

    Sweet, sweet research.

  43. Erobintica says:

    Ah, so you have a Mr. E too ;-)

    LOL – “research”

    that’s what they all say

  44. Neve Black says:

    Let’s welcome all the Mr.E’s, Oh’s and Oooh’s to the erotic sex pod.

    Robin, you’re cracking me up lately. What did you have for breakfast? Lunch? Um, dinner? Oh, God? I’m asking an erotic writer what she’s been eating lately…do I want to know. Yes! I want to know. haha.

    “Sommer, your knees are so beautiful baby, won’t cha please get down on them for me.” He said. :-0

    Ohhhh, la, la. This topic makes me down right (or down wrong) giddy.

  45. Sommer says:

    oh my. a mr. emerald sighting! cool. i do tons of research for the record. all the dirty things I do are strictly for research. i don’t enjoy them at all…god, even i could not keep a straight face when i said that ;)

  46. Erobintica says:

    Hehe Neve – I don’t know, it must be all the pleasant topics we talk about in this here blogland (vs. youknowwhat) that has me in a good mood.

  47. Erobintica says:

    the comments there are great, hehe

  48. Emerald says:

    Sorry about that little disappearing act. I was stuck in DC metro area traffic a little longer than expected.

    How could one not love the giddiness of Neve? :)

    “i don’t enjoy them at all”

    Right, because that’s not why we’re having this tour or anything! ;)

    Robin — huh. That would pretty much outlaw the content of this post, it seems to me. How extraordinary (or perhaps, sadly, how not so much…).

  49. Erobintica says:

    ha – just noticed a typo in my post – should be “too” – I’m so fussy about spelling – not so much anything else ;-)

    yeah, that was my response – huh?

    I’m gonna be out for the evening – I’ll check back when I get home.

  50. Hi, Mr. Emerald! Looking forward to your guest blog.

    [Sorry … didn’t mean to interrupt the research. ; )]

  51. Emerald says:

    Have a great night out and thanks for commenting so much, Robin. :)

    A big thank you as well to everyone who has come by and commented so far — I have felt truly delighted by everyone’s participation. Welcome non-commenting readers, too, and thanks for being here! Please of course feel free to continue all of the above…we’ll be here all night. ;)

  52. Emerald says:

    Lol @ Jeremy! (Nothing new there. ;))

  53. Marina says:

    Hi Emerald – stopping in again after work. OMG, you guys have been having WAY too much messy fun here today!

    I loved your first scene – business sex – yum!. And, more musician sex in “Play for Me”! Yay! That was really fabulous – just so absolutely real, how she is turned on by his playing.

    As far as messy bjs go, I guess I’m more like cerulean – “neat and tidy.” But, I think that may be more because of circumstances. BJs make for good speedy and surreptitious sex, and then you can’t always be messy. I’m not opposed to messy – I rather like the idea of getting messy and then maybe showering together and then maybe… OK, my mind is wandering….

    ER – “In some salons the hair stuff is called “product.” Too funny!

    And, Cora – “Love is never neat and tidy…” Ain’t that the truth!

    Hi, Mr. Emerald! He’s such a charming man – so kind to help with your research!

    Emerald – thanks for all of this! The variety of offerings on the Blow Hard Tour just blows me away!

  54. Emerald says:

    Hi Marina! Delightful to see you!

    “That was really fabulous – just so absolutely real”

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

    “BJs make for good speedy and surreptitious sex”

    Indeed, that is one of their charms as well!

    I see you loved some of the same lines from others that I did. :) I’ve been having such a great time in here today.

    “He’s such a charming man – so kind to help with your research!”

    LOL! (He’s been known to refer to himself as my “stunt cock.” ;))

    Thanks again for coming by! :)

  55. Alison Tyler says:

    Oh, I remember Janine’s issue with saliva! It’s all right here. In print!


  56. Emerald says:

    AH! How fascinating! I wondered if that meant Janine just wasn’t a fan of saliva in general or something. Thanks Alison — quite illuminating! :)

  57. cerulean says:

    Yes, Marina, that’s what I meant! I’d love it if the circumstances allowed for messiness and the fun clean up after, but alas, it mostly doesn’t happen that way for me. (sigh) Not much time for clean-up. Anyway, something to shoot for…

    Of course, I have fun no matter how the bj goes down. Or up. Or whatever.

    Sommer, hope you’re okay.

    : -) cerulean

  58. EllaRegina says:

    Janine, I’ll break this to you as gently as I can: I’m afraid we have no future as a romantic couple. ;-)

    I love kissing. Just not when the person has something dying in their mouth and are all stinky or use an abundance of saliva. But, saliva as a fluid in the family of fluids, The Body Department? I’m ok with it. But, you know, to each her own.

    Cerulean, what goes up must come down, or be gone down on. Or something.

  59. Emerald says:

    “something to shoot for”

    Heheheh. Sorry — the double entendre just seems to abound around here…. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by again cerulean!

    And ER, that seems like a fair list of standards, lol. ;)

  60. Sommer says:

    thx for having us, emerald. it was fun having something to focus on today. something good! :)

  61. Emerald says:

    Thank YOU, Sommer! I hope you are feeling better. :)

  62. Emerald says:

    I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for coming by today and commenting (and all the readers who didn’t comment as well). It was a pleasure to have you here, and I so very much appreciate all kind words about my post today. Thanks again to Sommer for inviting me to participate in the Blow Hard Tour, and enjoy the rest of the tour all!

    Emerald :)