April 16th, 2009

M-I-C-K-E-Y  H-O-R-N-Y !

Walt Disney World Diversional Extravaganza — Introduction

You may have noticed (actually you probably haven’t, but it seemed like a good way to start the sentence) that a few weeks ago I added a new category to the list on the left: “Sex+ Diversion.” This is because I noticed I was posting things that weren’t actually about writing and weren’t about activism, and really were just about, well, sex plus whatever I wanted them to be. Things like dirty messages on pickle jars, pictures of my new boots, and extolment about the marvelousness of blow jobs. So I created this new category just for those things, because they seem to call for one all to themselves — and because it seems I have been prone lately to posting what amount to delightful diversions in some way associated with sex.

Here comes another.

Mr. Emerald and I are headed to Walt Disney World (WDW) at the end of this month for a week of diversion ourselves (likely Sex+ Diversion, in fact), and Mr. Emerald came up with the idea of blogging about our WDW magical adventures in tandem. In discussing exactly how to describe this blog event, we have thrown around various descriptors like “travel diary,” “erotic memoirs,” “vacation sexscapades,” to name a few.

We decided upon none of them. So my guess is that it will be a smorgasbord of all of the above depending on what catches our fancy at the moment. Basically we’re taking the experience of a child-oriented vacation resort and making it, well…adult.

We leave on Monday, April 27 and will be there through the next Monday, May 4, which will encompass both of our birthdays. :) Mr. Emerald has posting capabilities on this site too, so sometimes he will be guest blogging his own entries, sometimes I will post mine, and sometimes we will probably write them together. (Again, smorgasbord.) Mr. Emerald will have his camera with him as well, so photos will be included. Don’t worry, I will do my best to keep any posting of gratuitous photos of me to a minimum. Mr. Emerald, for his part, will appear in no photos here due to his top-secret identity. :)

I’ll post a reminder about this again right before we leave, and then it will be off to a week of Disney Diversion for us! We’re quite looking forward to this adventure and welcome you to, if you so desire, join us along the virtual way.


“It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears, it’s a world of hopes, it’s a world of fears, there’s so much that we share, that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small world after all…”
-from “It’s A Small World”

14 Responses “M-I-C-K-E-Y  H-O-R-N-Y !”

  1. JM Stone says:

    Hope you have a great time Emerald!!

    LOL…I read your title and 2 Live Crew’s ‘Me So Horny” popped into my head ;)


  2. Emerald says:

    Ha! Thank you, JM. I must credit Mr. Emerald with the post title. :) You are feeling better, I trust?

  3. Erobintica says:

    I’ve never been to WDW, but I’ve been to Disneyland many times (we’re essentially westcoasters permanently relocated) – and my Mr. E and I went there before children and I have some favorite memories. ;-)

    Looking forward to having a peek into your trip.

  4. Marina says:

    Oh – you’re gonna have a great time! We’ve been there several times – with and without kids – and it’s always wonderful. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  5. Neve Black says:

    Oooh, I grew up in Cali, and used to go to Disneyland once a month. My mom would drop me and one friend off for the day and she’d go visit her mom, my grandmother.

    I have such wonderful memories of that magical place. I’ve never been to Disneyworld, but I’ve heard it’s just as magical.

    What a wonderful treat for the two of you…two Taurus Birthdays…hmmmm…ponder, ponder. I knew you were a Taurus, but I’m not sure I knew Mr. E was also. Intersting.

    p.s. I always loved Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and I’m not sure if that ride still exists, but boy was that fun and crazy. Mr. Toad ate magic mushrooms kind of ride. Oh, that’s a whole other story I think. :-)

  6. I can’t wait to join you two on your magical trip! But don’t spend too much time writing about the things you do–make sure to save time to get lost in the Disney dream ;-).

    Neve, my husband’s favorite ride is Mr. Toad. We have a model of the car sitting on his dresser. While I love it, I favor Peter Pan, with a soft spot in my heart for Snow White, since it’s always emptier than the others. If I ever become really rich and famous, instead of buying bling, I plan to put a dark ride in my basement, probably a tour through European Christmas markets with free pastry and chocolate samples for the riders. You’re all invited!

  7. Erobintica says:

    umm, Donna, that sounds just like my kind of ride! ;-)

  8. I’m excited already!

    Oh, and keep an eye out for the sperm-shaped fireworks that look like they might fertilize the Golf Ball.

    Donna, what a fabulous ride idea!

  9. JM Stone says:

    Yup, almost back to 100%, just a little hanging on at this point.

    Can’t wait to see what you and Mr. E. post about Disney World – I’ve been there(according to my mom’s photo albums) but I don’t remember anything but wanting an invisible dog!

  10. Emerald says:

    Thanks so much everybody for coming by! We are really looking forward to it too. :)

    Ah, yes, Neve, I remember sharing and your commenting on Mr. Emerald’s and my mutual Taurus status during your Brazilian fish course. :) You said we probably enjoyed being in the kitchen together…which indeed we have!

    Lol Jeremy! Fireworks is one of the things I am especially looking forward to at WDW! And the pyrotechnic ones they’ll be displaying at the theme parks too.


    I believe Mr. Toad’s wild ride is no longer there, and if I remember correctly Mr. Emerald would share your disappointment as such. I seem to recall his saying he loved that ride too.

    But hey, perhaps someday we can all just congregate in Donna’s basement instead! (Which actually sounds like a pretty cool idea dark ride or no dark ride…)

    Thanks again everybody. Ten days until takeoff…the countdown is on!!!

  11. Oh, I miss Disney World! Haven’t been there in 10 years! (I’m a Taurean, too! May 7th!)

    Have a fabulous trip… say hi to Mickey for me. :)

  12. Emerald says:

    I think it’s been at least 20 years for me, Kristina. :) Thank you, and thanks for coming by!

  13. Oh, you’re going to have the best time! :) I hope you get to visit all the parks. I loved Animal Kingdom. I grew up in Florida and went to WDW the first year they opened (I was a wee little one, so barely remember it). It’s grown so much since then! Have fun!

  14. Emerald says:

    Wow! How extraordinary it seems like it would have been to go there the year they opened. I feel like much has changed since my last time there too. I’ve never even been to Animal Kingdom because it wasn’t yet there the last time I went. Mr. Emerald was just talking about it a few days ago (he has been there). It sounds utterly delightful! I’m so looking forward to it.

    Yes, Mr. Emerald has made a schedule for us with at least one day devoted to each park. ;) Thanks again — reading your comment has elicited even more excitement in me than there already was!