April 21st, 2009

What’s in a Psu… Sudo… Sue… Pen Name?

Walt Disney World Diversional Extravaganza — Foreward

When Emerald and I were knocking around the idea of my guest posting on her web site, I was mildly ponderous as to who I should post as. Until this point, I’ve been simply known as “Mr. E.” … which was fine when the sole purpose of the name tag was to simply point out that I was the male counterpart to Emerald. It also had the cool factor in that “Mr. E.” was like “mystery”… so… you know…. Wooooooo. But that didn’t seem to fit me.

Interestingly, my actual name isn’t even my real name. Meaning the name that Emerald calls me isn’t actually my name either. (No, I’m not referring to when she calls me Johnny Dumbass.) I go by a nickname. Even before receiving that nickname I didn’t go by my given name. Now that I think about it… I’ve never gone by my given name as it was given. So the exercise of selecting an alias with which to write shouldn’t be hard since I’ve had so much practice at relabeling myself.

So who do I want to be? Since Emerald writes about sexiness all the time, perhaps I should have a sexy name. I could be Dirk Turgedson. Or Peter Humpington Jr. But she’s also very serious in her work, so perhaps something that reflects that commitment to the craft. I could be Conrad Shakespeare. Or Charlie Dickenson. James T. J. Shatner might work too.

I could go for the old, funny, obnoxious names like Seymour Hiney, Dick Hertz, Phil Micrevis, Mike Hunt, or John Ashcroft. Those don’t seem to resonate with me… especially the last one. No… what to be, how to be called… hmmm.

Right now, some of you may be thinking that I’ve got a name picked and I’m forming this little story as a method of delivery, but I assure… I have no name picked out. I’m brainstorming and typing the results… well, the results that are entertaining and don’t involve Emerald, a trampoline, and lots and lots of walnuts.

And just like that… it hit. The name that I shall be posting as shall be… “Rick Write”. That name is a play on the name Richard (Rick) Wright, the keyboardist of Pink Floyd who sadly passed away last year after losing a short fight with cancer. Wright was a strong force within the band, yet remained a bit of an enigma to fans and rock followers due to his quiet and unassuming nature. He often took a back seat role and let other members of the band “drive” but always left his signature style and input within the music. That seems very much my role here on Emerald’s site. This is her show. She is free to sing and strum with the words of her art and I will be floating around in the background… sometimes quietly, sometimes not, but always there to support her and her projects.

I’m looking forward to our trip next week and posting as we go.

–Rick Write


Other names I thought of… Joel Pituitary, Frank Zepplin, Boutros Boutros Sanchez, MC Tightpants, Montana Nevada, Jethro Q. Walrustitty, William Brackett Jones, Chris Mass, Haywood Jablowme, and Helen Shapiro.

20 Responses “What’s in a Psu… Sudo… Sue… Pen Name?”

  1. Emerald says:

    Welcome baby! It is my pleasure to formally welcome you here (a bit ironic since you helped create the site), and I’m so looking forward to our trip!

    Heh, now I get to remember yet another name to refer to you as. :) I will do my best!

  2. Welcome, Rick!

    I’m a long time fan of Floyd, and I appreciate Rick Wright’s key contribution. Floyd’s songs would not have been the same without him. Pure and simple.

    I know I would not be the same without my “Mrs. Wright” (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    But I have to say, Frank Zeppelin has a certain ring.

    I have a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, that when it sits a certain way on my chest, the cloth folds over the “L”. As a result, when I wear it, some people call me Ed Zeppelin.

    We could have been brothers, man.

    Oh well…

    Welcome aboard.

  3. Emerald says:

    Lol Craig! I thought of you when I read this post, figuring you would appreciate the Floyd reference. :)

  4. Erobintica says:

    Welcome Rick! *Waves to Emerald* (I was here last night, but the post seemed to be under construction, so I figured I’d wait to post) – love some of the name choices. For some reason Boutros Boutros Sanchez made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to your reportage.

  5. This was so gloriously entertaining!

    An additional advantage of the name you’ve chosen is that it lends itself well to a sexy growl: Rrrrrrick. I can totally hear Emerald uttering that.

  6. What is a name?

    The topic of a hilarious post apparently :-). I LOVE Rick Write. Sounds good, looks good. Simple, manly, referential in a totally cool way. It has all the write stuff.

    So let me elbow in to join the other anxious fans waiting for the report from Fantasyland!

  7. Rick Write says:

    Thanks for the kind words and welcome.

  8. Marina says:

    The charming Mr. E has a name! Hi Rick! Welcome! Hi Emerald! Looking forward to hearing about your menage with the Mouse!

  9. Neve Black says:

    I’m behind here. I’m sorry. Hi Rick Write. Hi Emerald! Just so I’m clear here, it won’t be necessary for me to drop acid when I read your posts, correct? haha!

    Welcome to the blog gang.

  10. Heidi says:

    Really bummed you didn’t go with Helen Shapiro. Oh well, Hey Rick. Hey Emerald!!

  11. Hi Rick … what an entertaining post! I regret the loss of MC Tightpants though!

  12. JM Stone says:

    I loved this post when I first read it yesterday(that little xhtml thing didn’t interrupt Google Reader, thankfully!). Loved the process, and all the options!

    But…I just can’t resist…

    Rick, did you realized you’ve just now dubbed yourself Mr Right(if spoken aloud?)

    I’m sure Emerald agrees, but I just had to chuckle at that.

  13. Emerald says:

    Hi everybody! Thank you all for stopping by. Reading your comments has made me laugh almost as much as reading this post did! ;)

    (We’ll be leaving for the airport in almost exactly four days to the minute!! Actually, I guess that’s when we should be arriving at the airport…good thing Rick’s in charge of the schedule.)

  14. P.S. Haven says:

    Welcome, welcome, Rick!
    (Personal fave: Boutros Boutros Sanchez…)
    Can’t wait to read more about y’all’s trip!

  15. Cora Zane says:

    You didn’t go with Boutros Boutros Sanchez?!?! ^_^ Teehee! That was my favorite! Welcome, Rick!

  16. Rick "Boutros Boutros" Write says:

    It’s interesting that B.B. Sanchez is becoming the popular favorite… that was actually a name I made up for a friend’s room mate whose actual name I couldn’t remember back in college. It’s a shame I don’t have more personalities… then I could put all of these names to good use.


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