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June 30th, 2010

Recommended Reading #1

I’ve been considering for a while instigating a regular feature here at The Green Light District called “Recommended Reading.”

The reason for this is that I feel I have often come across things online that I find of interest or would recommend reading for various reasons. Sometimes I would like to (and do) blog about them, but it seems that if I blogged about everything I’ve run across that I have found compelling or worthy of recommendation, I may find myself doing little other than blogging! So this feature is to spotlight such things and provide links for anyone reading here who may feel interested in them as well.

Each “Recommended Reading” post will probably include about three links and include a short description with each summarizing it and/or mentioning why I recommend it. Since in many cases this will probably be self-explanatory, these descriptions/introductions are likely to be concise. : ) I’ll also put general categories in parentheses after each link to give some context of the content—”Sex Work,” “Spiritual,” “Erotic Fiction,” etc.

What is linked to could have been published any time, as I’m not so concerned with “current-ness” if it seems to me something that holds appeal or interest beyond the particular time it was published. If available, though, I will mention publication dates just for context.

I’m planning to present “Recommended Reading” weekly on Wednesdays, and it will have its own category to the left for easy reference.

So, all that said, following is this week’s—and the inaugural—installment of Recommended Reading at The Green Light District!


      “Goodbye Old Friends” on Gentle Nibbles (Personal) 6/2/10

I just discovered this site (via Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice) a couple months ago and have so enjoyed it. It is dedicated to the swinging scene, and I’ve already seen a few things on it that will probably show up in future installments of Recommended Reading. This time, I’m linking to a recent post from the husband half of the couple who hosts the site about his wife’s upcoming (at the time) breast augmentation surgery.


      “Lunar Landscape” by Craig J. Sorensen (Erotic Fiction) 6/24/10

This is a piece I found very beautiful that Craig included in a blog post, complete with introduction.


      “The Medicine of Empowerment” by Dr. Christiane Northrup (Health, Spiritual)

An online acquaintance of mine emailed me the link to this. It is an excerpt from a book and thus includes promotion of the book, but the other content of the excerpt is such that I definitely find it recommended reading.


Recommended Reading posted every Wednesday

June 26th, 2010

Baseball Adoration and “Who’s on Top?”

Baseball season is in full swing (ha), and as usual I am captivated by it. Summer has been my favorite season as far back as I can remember, and baseball is a big part of why. As is probably evident from my standard “Yankees fan” picture to the right, I am in particular partial to the New York Yankees.

I had planned to post this a few weeks ago as Rick Write and I embarked on a mini-vacation to attend the three-game Yankees vs. Orioles series at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Alas, I did not, obviously, but the plus side of that is that now I get to share the following picture of the baseball Francisco Cervelli signed for me on the way in from batting practice before the third game:

Cervelli, by the way, is by far my number one baseball crush right now. (Even his signature is beautiful!) He is the backup catcher for the Yankees, and Rick was instrumental in helping me get his attention enough that he signed this ball for me. : ) I was just as excited by Cervelli’s simply making eye contact with me and smiling, but I certainly appreciate having the ball as well to remind me of the experience!

Anyway, last year on Opening Day I posted an excerpt of my baseball-themed story that appears in Alison Tyler‘s anthology G is for Games. I thought now I’d share the whole thing (slightly revised and edited from its published version). Since it’s a bit long for a blog post, I’ve embedded most of it after the jump following the first section of the story below.

Before I go I’d like to mention that I was notified a few days ago that has deemed The Green Light District an Editor’s Pick “Best of the Web” adult website for 2010! I feel truly honored that this site garnered that distinction (see lovely prize badge in the left sidebar) and send a big thank you out to! (Incidentally, welcome to any new readers coming from that venue, and thank you for visiting!)

Okay, without further ado, on to baseball erotica. ; )


»» Baseball Adoration and “Who’s on Top?”

June 22nd, 2010

Relative Fabulousness!

I am utterly delighted to have received a contract for my story “Relative Anonymity” to be published in Best Bondage Erotica 2011, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and to be released by Cleis Press in December!

I haven’t seen the table of contents yet, so I don’t know who else is in it, but it is available for pre-order on Amazon, and there’s the cover there on the right (I have almost that very same outfit! : )). I’m thrilled that “Relative Anonymity” will be included in this anthology, and big thanks to Rachel and Cleis Press.

I want to add that while I love, of course, announcing things such as this here, there have, as I mentioned in my last post, been other topics on which I am wanting to blog lately that I have not yet. I have felt somewhat tied up lately (ha!…okay, sorry…pun not really intended, but when it occurred to me I apparently chose not to resist using it ; )) in a number of areas, but I just wanted to mention that I plan to catch up on blogging about these topics soon.

Thanks, as always, for visiting and reading! : )


Carly was breathless, her chest moving perceptibly as she pulled air in through her mouth. She did not remember when her mouth had fallen open, or when her breath had turned to gasps. Her panting, though silent, mirrored David’s as he backed away from Nate. She watched as he attended to undoing the restraints holding Nate’s wrists. She wondered if they were done.

They were not.
-from “Relative Anonymity,” forthcoming in Best Bondage Erotica 2011

June 14th, 2010

Passion Forthcoming!

There have been a number of things I have been wanting to blog about lately; for a variety of reasons, I obviously haven’t. Mostly this is because I was out of town much of last week and have been experiencing inconsistent Internet access at home the past couple weeks (that has presumably been fixed now). Really, I am utterly behind on all kinds of Internet-related endeavors right now!

I want to announce, however, that my story “If” has been accepted for publication in Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s forthcoming erotic romance anthology, Passion, to be published by Cleis Press and released in November! I feel especially excited about this because I have not considered erotic romance to be a genre/angle toward which I have tended to feel inclined or certainly to specialize in. So I’m delighted this story seemed to work for the book, and I look forward to its being featured alongside work from authors such as Portia Da Costa, Saskia Walker, Justine Elyot, Donna George Storey, and numerous regulars in the erotic romance genre! The entire table of contents is listed on the anthology’s blog here.

Passion isn’t due out until November of this year, but it may be pre-ordered on Amazon now, and I suspect there will be more to come on the Passion blog as the release gets closer!


I took the empty seat directly across from Hayden and did my best to ignore the fluttering in my stomach as I turned my attention to the cake on my plate. It was dark chocolate, with a layer of raspberries in the middle and creamy white frosting on top. I scooped up a dollop of frosting and gave it a delicate lick as I listened to Sarah talk about invitations. Nodding, I ran my tongue over my frosting-sweetened lips and glanced up to see Hayden watching me. I blushed and looked down—though not before I caught the deliberate interest beneath his cool gaze.
-from “If,” forthcoming in Passion