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October 27th, 2010

Recommended Reading #18: Poetry, Pt. II

      “Journey” by Marina St. Clare (Erotic Poetry) 3/3/10

Each time I’ve read this, it’s practically left me breathless.


      “Firefly” by Aisling Weaver (Poetry) 1/6/10

I find not only this poem but also the picture she features with it strikingly beautiful.


      “Memento Vivere ” by Robin Elizabeth Sampson (Erotic Poetry) 2010

This poem (by the author also known as Erobintica) leaves me speechless; to say I find it gorgeous feels somehow hollow and inadequate.


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October 20th, 2010

Recommended Reading #17: Health and Body

      “Yes, Jelly Sex Toys can be Dangerous” by Dangerous Lilly (Sex Toys, Sexual Health) 10/6/10

This struck me as a straightforward, comprehensive outline of sex toy safety. While some may know that some sex toys, especially those sold as “novelty items,” may simply not be particularly safe or healthful for contact with the body, I would guess that such awareness is not optimally common. This article seems to me like a great reference and resource.


      “‘Magic Words’ Required at the Catholic STI Clinic” by Megan Andelloux (Sexual Health, Sex and Culture, Sex and Religion) 8/4/10

This article written by sex educator Megan Andelloux details what seems to me a concerning policy at a hospital that is Catholic-sponsored but, according to the article, does not include any indication as such in its name or obvious signage. Having worked in reproductive rights previously, I am familiar with some of the limited sexual and reproductive health services provided by Catholic-based hospitals (though not the specific ones described in this article)—what I find particularly concerning is that the general public, and thus potential patients, would not necessarily or even likely be aware of this.


      “Egg Sex” by Susie Bright (Pregnancy, Sexual Health, Sex and Culture) 6/29/06

While I have never been pregnant or given birth, I found this article positively enthralling. I had never before seen anything near the depth and comprehensiveness about sex and pregnancy this article encompasses. In doing so, it not only offers an incredible resource but also opens a discussion that has seemed simultaneously (and bafflingly and dishearteningly) quite taboo as well as, it seems to me, vital to appreciate and explore.


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October 19th, 2010

Passion Is Out!

Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s latest anthology Passion: Erotic Romance for Women, published by Cleis Press, is out now! I am very excited that my story “If” is included in Passion with authors such as Donna George Storey, Saskia Walker, Justine Elyot, Portia Da Costa, and Rachel herself, to name but a few.

The introduction, table of contents, and excerpts are all available at the Passion blog. Rachel is organizing a virtual book tour for the anthology during the month of November (if you blog and would like to participate, email Rachel at passionateantho at gmail dot com with your blog URL and postal address), and the brand new book trailer (below) just debuted!

Last but certainly not least, a reminder that I am so excited to be participating in the official Passion reading in New York City on November 11 (the day after Rachel’s birthday!) along with Rachel, fellow contributor Donna George Storey, and historical romance author Sarah MacLean! The reading—compete with free cupcakes—will be at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 11, at Word in Brooklyn.

In the meantime, see the Passion blog for links to the many places Passion is on sale now!


I took another step back. As I did, Hayden caught my arm, pulling me into the changing room and pushing me against the wall in a single movement. His mouth was on mine before I had time to catch my breath, much less remember to resist. My body pressed into his, cradling the erection I felt beneath his trousers.
-from “If” in Passion

October 13th, 2010

Recommended Reading #16: Sexual Freedom

      “Why Folsom St. Fair is Fun, Sexy and Important” by Dr. Charlie Glickman (Sexual Culture, Self-Awareness) 9/27/10

This post struck me as an incisive commentary on sexual expression, perception, and the importance of both.


      “Sexual Freedom: Opportunity and Choice” at Naked Confusion (Sexual Culture, BDSM) 9/21/10

This piece was part of the Sexual Freedom Day Blog Carnival a few weeks ago; I was struck by the point(s) it makes about choices and sexual freedom for everyone, regardless of what those choices are—or aren’t.


      “Reflections on Outness” by Dr. Elizabeth Wood (Sexual Orientation, Memoir, Sexual Culture) 10/10/10

Elizabeth posted this piece in honor of National Coming Out Day. I found it a beautiful personal reflection about sexual identity (particularly its fluidity and nuance) as well as outness and its implications.


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October 9th, 2010

Here and There

I am honored to be the guest blogger today at the magnificent Oh Get A Grip!. The topic for this week is Back to Square One; in my post, “Here,” I discuss my experiences around the MFA creative writing program I attended several years ago.

“Here” is up at Oh Get A Grip! now—big thanks to C. Sanchez-Garcia for inviting me to be the guest blogger this week!


It was late summer 2002. I had packed up my apartment in the Washington, DC, area, where I had just acquired my master’s degree in the field of politics, and was preparing for the cross-country drive to Washington state. I had been accepted into a Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing there and would be starting in just a few weeks. I was thrilled. Finally, creative writing was going to be not only one of my utmost loves but a “legitimate” responsibility as well.
-from “Here” at Oh Get A Grip!