June 8th, 2011

Recommended Reading #50: Activism

      “Sex Workers WANT to Stop Trafficking” on YouTube.com (Recommended Watch, Sex Work, Public Policy, Activism) 1/11/11

I would like to say that the message of this video is obvious (and to me of course it seems so), but the very fact that it was made I think speaks to the lamentable circumstance that in mainstream perception, both the distinction between sex work and sex trafficking as well as the idea that sex workers could serve as an important and helpful resource in eradicating sex trafficking have seemed lacking. Big thanks to the creators of and participants in this video for articulating both points!


      “Audacia Ray Talks Media Making, Diversification, and Self-Identity” on Freelancedom (Interview, Sex Worker Rights, Activism, Promotion) 8/2/10

I have seen Audacia Ray as a go-to source for the pulse of sex worker rights activism approximately since I’ve known of her. In this interview she is asked and talks about the many projects and media on/with which she’s worked as an activist over the years.


      “Being a slut and getting pissed off” by Sonya JF Barnett (Activism, Sex and Culture, Feminism, Sociology, Memoir) 5/3/11

I really enjoyed reading this part-personal account, part-social commentary from one of the co-founders of SlutWalk about the origination and process of what has become the phenomenon of such.


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  1. Lana Fox says:

    Em, thanks so much for that wonderful YouTube vid. I love it and hope to use it in my column this week. You are a star! Big hugs, xoxox

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