January 18th, 2012

Recommended Reading #82: Sex as Labor, Pt. II

      “Love Ranch or bust” by Dr. Lynn Comella (Sex Work, Memoir) 10/20/11

I find this expose delightful and so appreciate Lynn’s exploring and writing it.


      “Life is hard enough for prostitutes without our work being criminalised” by Sheila Farmer (Sex Work, Law, Abuse, Memoir) 1/6/12

[Trigger warning for survivors of child and adult sexual abuse/assault.] This seems certainly not a light piece, and even hard to read. Its argument for the decriminalization of sex work seems resounding in a way I truly don’t understand how almost anyone could ignore.


      “You’ve Got Problems: Sex Worker Childhoods” by Charlotte Shane (Sex Work, Sex and Culture, Sociology) 12/6/11

While I find the phenomenon this post addresses troublesome and disheartening (for many of the reasons the post discusses), I find this post, in response to it, profoundly beautifully articulated.


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2 Responses “Recommended Reading #82: Sex as Labor, Pt. II”

  1. danielle says:

    em…just wnated to thank you for the recomandations (if that is a word afterall)..you always pick really interesting and know-worthy texts…essays and articles i might havent found on my own…thank you for that:-)

  2. Emerald says:

    Hi Danielle! How lovely to see you! Thank you—I’m so glad you’ve appreciated them, and thanks for coming by to say so. :) How have you been??


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