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February 22nd, 2012

Recommended Reading #87: Perspective and Judgment, Pt. II

      “God is not impressed by the orgasm you didn’t have: Lent, self-denial, and self-love” by Hugh Schwyzer (Self-Awareness, Sex and Culture, Psychology, Religion) 2/22/12

I don’t identify as Christian, but I appreciate the sentiment I interpret here. Much, if not all, of it feels to me like I can extrapolate it from the Christian context and the word “God” (a word with which I personally don’t resonate) and see it as true. And for those who do identify as Christian, it seems to me a beautiful message well worth considering.


      “Parents Who Hid Child’s Gender for Five Years Now Face Backlash” by Megan Gibson (Parenting, Youth, Gender Socialization) 1/24/12

I will admit that when I first saw the title of this article, I hesitated to read it due to suspicion that I might find it filled with gender stereotypes that I would simply find anywhere from irritating to infuriating. (I will further admit it was because the article was in a mainstream publication that I especially felt this way.) I did read the piece, obviously, and I was pleasantly surprised. I much appreciate how the author points out that judgments about things the parents have done as reported in this article are reflective of feelings in those who are judging (which is, it seems to me, often if not always the case with judgment)—and certainly that children who have experienced challenge or consideration around their gender identity or sexuality have often indeed not been “shielded” from correlative stereotypes…making it seem quite questionable (or, perhaps, nonsensical) to me indeed that such “shielding” would be some kind of inherent setup for gender or sexual identity struggles.


      “The Slippery Slope of Sex Addiction” by Dr. Charlie Glickman (Psychology, Self-Awareness, Relationship, Sex and Culture) 2/20/12

I find this brilliant and am once again amazed by what I perceive as Charlie’s capacity to address and articulate nuance in a kind, considered, incisive way. Especially since he’s tended to write so much about sexuality and, as I interpret it, self-awareness, this is something I appreciate profoundly.


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