June 25th, 2012

Meet Siobhan Muir, Author of Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack (and a Book Giveaway!)

I met paranormal romance author Siobhan Muir last September at the Erotic Authors Association conference in Las Vegas (where Siobhan is lucky enough to live!). Since then it has been my pleasure to be acquainted with her, especially as her writing career really begins to take off! It is my delight to host her here today so she can tell us about Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack, her latest werewolf novel published by Siren Publishing.

Siobhan is also generous enough to want to do a giveaway today! Should you feel so moved, you are welcome to comment following this post—and if you do, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of Queen Bitch of the Callowwod Pack or a prize package that includes a Siobhan Muir magnet and a signed copy of the cover art. Siobhan will choose the winners at random on Thursday morning (June 28), so be sure to stop back by then to see if you’re one of them! Please also be sure to leave an email address or Twitter handle in your comment so she knows how to contact you. :)

Okay Siobhan—welcome, and have at it!

Thank you so much for having me today, Emerald.

It’s officially summertime here now in the US and that’s the time when everyone is out of school and coming home. The phrase “You can never go back home” is traditional for redemption stories and a very common thread in fiction. It’s meant to teach us that nothing will be the same when you come back to the place you started. And there’s a great deal of truth in it.

In my recent release, Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack, Julianna Morris has returned to her hometown to bury her father and to start again, but of course, everything has changed for her. She’s no longer the girl who crushed on the cutest guy in town. Her father is dying, she’s survived an unfaithful spouse, and she’s recently turned fuzzy when the full moon comes up.

Talk about nothing being the same.

But there’s nothing so constant as change, and it’s not always bad. Julianna finds out that the guy she’s crushed on forever isn’t married with 1000 kids, and her fuzzy issue might not be a problem for him. Plus, she’s now accepted into a larger community than she’d been when she left.

So perhaps the phrase really should be “You can never go back to the home that was”, because “time heals all wounds” and people change with the new life they’ve experienced. As for Julianna Morris, those changes may just have been exactly what she needed to face a new life in her old hometown. Because now, the true adventure begins.

Here’s the blurb of Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack:

Julianna Morris didn’t know werewolves existed…until she became one.

Hiding her new identity, Julianna returns home only to find her teenage crush, Jeff Lightfoot, is the future Alpha of the Callowwood werewolf pack. She’s unexpectedly chosen as a candidate for the pack’s next Luna, the Alpha female—and Jeff’s mate. This is perfect, except Julianna knows nothing about being a werewolf, and someone’s determined to make her fail the Seven Tests of the Luna.

Jeff Lightfoot lusted after Julianna for years, even when he thought she was human. Now she’s home and all his—if she passes the tests. She’s his True Mate and he wants no one else, but pack politics trump Mother Nature and will prevent him from choosing Julianna if she fails.

For the future she wants, Julianna must pass the tests to become Queen Bitch of Callowwood—or watch Jeff take another woman as his mate.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt of just how strong Julianna has become, but before I go, I wanted to say a big thank you to Emerald for having me here today, and thanks to everyone who came to read. I really appreciate it. All the best,



Excerpt from Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack

Julianna strode confidently through the house toward the front doors, her fury banked but still smoldering as she tightly gripped her purse, in which she’d dropped the token. She’d sought out Jeff, but he’d disappeared while Richard gave her the pendant, and he was nowhere to be found under the tents.

It figures he’d make me look for him so I can seek his approval for departure!

As she passed a darkened hallway to her right, a male arm reached out of the darkness and jerked her against a hard body. Rage blazed hot as she crashed into the wall of flesh with an unladylike grunt of surprise, but it dropped into icy fury as she slammed her elbow into her assailant’s gut.

Her Sister’s nature surged into the forefront of her awareness and she turned on her attacker with pent up ferocity.

He yelped as she stomped down on his instep, twisting in his arms. Then she shoved his shoulders back against the wall and slammed her knee into his groin. He collapsed, panting and groaning, when the irresistible scent of the desert rain penetrated her adrenaline rush.

Understanding dawned.

She’d just kneed Jeff Lightfoot in the balls! It would’ve been funny if she wasn’t so angry. His original grip had been sexually domineering, complete with raging hard-on.

“Jeff?” She grasped his shoulders. “What are you doing?”

“What the hell was that for?” he groaned, cupping his crotch protectively.

“Haven’t you learned never to grab a woman out of the darkness?” Julianna shook her head as some of her anger drained away. “I lived in the big city for a long time. More than one man tried to take me down. Are you okay?”

“No.” He sounded strangled, and she had to hide a smile. “Can’t breathe.”


“Damn, woman!”

“Damn, yourself! Why did you try to grab me?”

“I didn’t want you to leave yet,” he whispered as he slowly straightened up. His face looked a little gray, but it might have been the dim light. “I wanted to say a more private good-bye, but I think I’m only going to say good-bye to my balls. Shit!”

“I am sorry, even if I was defending myself.” She bit her bottom lip. “Do you want to sit down?”

He nodded, and she slid one arm around his waist, lowering him to the floor.

“Goddess above, you smell wonderful. How did you hide it for so long?” He dropped his head and nuzzled her neck and jawline as she sat beside him. Arousal pushed through her chagrin, tightening her nipples.

“I didn’t.” She snorted. “I threw myself at you for years, and you ignored me the whole time, remember?”

“More idiot, me.” He chuckled ruefully. “If I’d known you were a Moon Singer, I would’ve taken you years ago.”

Suddenly, rage obliterated all the lustful feelings in her, and she snarled, scooting away from him.

“Taken me?” she growled, pushing to her feet. “You would’ve ‘taken’ me? You asshole, am I nothing more than a piece of tail to you? If that’s the case, go grab one of those other bitches. I’ve already experienced being treated like a piece of meat. I’m sure Brenda would submit to you willingly enough, with her tits against the floor and her ass in the air!”

Jeff stilled, and his hands warily covered his groin again as he looked up at her.

“What’s wrong, Julianna?”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” She barely held herself back from kicking him in the ass with her sandaled foot. “What’s wrong is that I’ve joined a pack that doesn’t see this”—she stabbed a finger at him sitting on the floor—“as something to be upset about! I want you, Jeff, but I’m not just a piece of ass that any alpha male can use when he’s feeling horny. I won’t be ‘taken’ unless I give permission. Do you hear me, Mr. Successor of the pack?”

Julianna whirled and stomped out of the house, leaving Jeff completely nonplussed on the floor behind her ringing heels.

Thanks again so much for coming by today, Siobhan! To see more of today’s lovely guest, find her online at these assorted locations:

Siobhan Muir’s website
Google Plus
Romance Novel Center

And you can buy Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack now at BookStrand or Amazon!

Readers, don’t forget you have a chance to win a free copy of Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack just by commenting now. Siobhan will choose one winner upon whom to bestow a free copy of her masterpiece, while two other commenters will get a copy of the cover art signed by the author, along with a Siobhan Muir magnet. She’ll choose the winners at random on Thursday, June 28, and I’ll announce them here.

Thanks for coming by, and comment away! ;)



10 Responses “Meet Siobhan Muir, Author of Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack (and a Book Giveaway!)”

  1. Siobhan Muir says:

    Thanks again for having me! It’s so great to visit your site. :)

  2. Jason says:

    Sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks

  3. Emerald says:

    Love having you here, Siobhan! (P.S. I am ineligible for the contest, of course, since I already have the book. ;))

    Thanks for coming by, Jason!


  4. Judy Salamon says:

    This has definitely peeked my interest!!
    Thanks for having the giveaway. ;-D

  5. Siobhan Muir says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Jason.

  6. Siobhan Muir says:

    I’m glad it has grabbed you, Judy. Werewolves are like that. ;) Thanks so much for commenting.

  7. Siobhan Muir says:

    You already have the book, Emerald? Woohoo! :D

  8. Judy salamon says:

    Did I win????????? ;-D

  9. Siobhan Muir says:

    Congratulations, Jason and Judy! Jason, you’ve won the digital copy of Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack. Just contact me at http://siobhanmuir.com to let me know which format (Kindle, Nook, PDF) and I’ll send it to you.

    Judy, you’ve won the magnet and signed cover art. Contact me at the above url and let me know what your mailing address is. :)

    Congratulations again, both of you!

  10. Emerald says:

    Thanks for coming by, Jason and Judy! And thank you again for being here, Siobhan! :)

    Enjoy your prizes. :)


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