October 10th, 2012

Recommended Reading #120: Interaction and Relating, Pt. II

      “On Digging Out My Ex Wife’s Tampon” by Hugo Schwyzer (Memoir, Relationship) 9/20/12

I don’t feel I know what to say about this except that I found it touching and beautiful.


      “Make Me Want It” by Mollena Williams (BDSM, Self-Awareness, Psychology) 10/3/12

This brought me to tears a few times as I read it. Though the reasons seemed inexplicable, I suspect the energy and sincerity I sensed in what was being said simply touched something deep in me, whether I felt consciously aware of what it was or not. This struck me as a beautiful piece.


      “It’s A Lap Dance. It’s A Moment. Take It” by AV Flox (Sex Work, Sex and Culture, Memoir) 10/7/12

I find this one of the most eloquent, articulate expositions I’ve come across on something I myself have felt and expressed numerous times.


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