January 2nd, 2013

Recommended Reading #131: Interaction and Relating, Pt. III

      “Open Relationship Mini Interview with Yarrow” at Sugarbutch Chronicles (Relationship, Non-Monogamy, Self-Awareness) 12/10/12

I found this a beautiful, fascinating, contemplation-provoking, eloquent exposition on one person’s experience of and perspective about polyamory and relationship. I didn’t personally resonate with every single insight I interpreted in it, but that was part of what made it so fascinating to me. I appreciate the interviewer’s and interviewee’s evoking and sharing this.


      “The Paradox of Conflict” by Curt Micka (Non-Sex-Related, Self-Awareness, Psychology, Spirituality) 8/12/12

This touches on information about the orientation and self-awareness system with which I’ve worked for years, the Enneagram, but even for those unfamiliar with it, it seems to me the profundity and evocativeness of this elucidation on paradox and perspective could elicit an opening or consideration. It has moved me in ways I don’t doubt I’m not even (perhaps yet) consciously aware.


      “The Danger of Yelling at Your Kids and Ways to Be a Calmer Mom” by Julie Taylor (Non-Sex-Related, Self-Awareness, Parenting, Youth) 10/8/12

I find this a really beautiful piece and would love for all of us (parents, any other caregivers to children, and non-parenting adults alike) to display this kind of consciousness in our interactions.


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