February 6th, 2013

Recommended Reading #136: Health and Body, Pt. III

      “So what if abortion ends life?” by Mary Elizabeth Williams (Reproductive Rights, Health and Body, Politics) 1/23/13

I found it fascinating that I encountered this article mere hours after noticing this very issue in my consciousness for some reason. I have and had no idea why, but earlier in the morning on the day I read this I had found myself contemplating the fact that I did indeed recognize abortion as killing something. Like the author, this has never influenced my pro-choice perspective. I appreciate her mentioning this and agree that it (and other nuance) is an important thing to address/consider in discussions about reproductive freedom. As I’ve mentioned before, pregnancy and childbirth are unique, and I think this is where we’ve historically run into challenges around it—we want to compare it to something, but really, childbirth and pregnancy are not comparable to anything. They are their own phenomenon.


      “If Condoms are Not the Problem, Why Are Men Still Complaining?” on the Good Vibrations Blog (Safer Sex, Sex Education) 1/25/13

As a huge proponent of condom use and safer sex in general, I’m delighted to see this targeted post dedicated to informing about them and encouraging their use.


      “Down for the Count” by Yvonne Wray (Health and Body, Menopause, Consciousnes) 1/31/13

This struck me as not only powerful and fascinating but also something we virtually always have the option to do in the face of whatever we are experiencing–breathe, relax, and be. I recall doing something like this once when I was experiencing menstrual cramps, and I too found I experienced them differently when I paid close attention and didn’t focus on wanting to avoid or being at odds with them….


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