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July 31st, 2013

Recommended Reading #160: Poetry, Pt. IV

      “The Weight of Absence” by Jacque (Perspective, Contemplation, Relationship) 5/16/13

This poem simply moves me. I feel it physically in my body when I read it. Two things I’ve tended to feel poetry is for…


      “Night Paddle” by Rod MacIver (Non-Sex-Related, Spirituality/Consciousness) 7/3/13

This may seem esoteric, but I find it fascinating, resonant, and very worth contemplating. (I also like the accompanying painting!)


      “Crossroads” by Robin Sampson (Non-Sex-Related, Memoir, Current Events) 6/15/13

To me, this seems not only an exquisitely beautiful poem but also something almost painful to acknowledge or seem to cry out and say, “Hey, look!” about. I offer it, on the contrary, with quiet reverence and appreciation for the expression of the author.


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July 27th, 2013

Google Hangout Online Reading for Serving Him and Twice the Pleasure Today

bisexualblogUPDATE: The YouTube video of the entire Hangout (about an hour) is viewable here. What a great time! Also, if you enjoy(ed) Mollena’s excerpt, she later regaled any and all listeners with her amazing reading of the entire story on her blog. If you’re into breathplay at all or just want to hear an incredibly raw, intense erotic story, do check it out.

Rachel Kramer Bussel is hosting a Google Hangout reading for her Cleis Press anthologies Serving Him: Sexy Stories of Submission and Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women’s Erotica. The event starts today at 7:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (4:00 p.m. Pacific time) and includes authors like Mollena Williams, Shanna Germain, Sinclair Sexsmith, and numerous others—the whole list is available at the event page!

I will also be taking part, reading a short excerpt from my story in Twice the Pleasure, “Lifeline.” I’m not very familiar with Google Hangouts or Google+, but from what I understand, anyone with Internet access can come watch. So if you’d like to, please do come join us in about an hour for this diverse and delightful multi-author reading! :)


“You got something to say, your hands are tied, open your mouth, open it wide, let the freedom begin…”
-Adam Lambert “Strut”

July 26th, 2013

Wishing All the Best to the Incomparable Karen Cote’!

IMG_1507Though I’ve only been an MFRW staff member for a short time, it would have been impossible not to recognize the immense enthusiasm, leadership, and general loveliness Promotions Director Karen Cote’ actively contributed to both the staff and members of MFRW. Alas, the time has come for her to gracefully relinquish her staff position, and this blog is one of many online offerings honoring her contributions and wishing her the very best on behalf of those she has impacted during her tenure.

One of the ways I got to know Karen was through the astonishingly creative Tweets she created for all of us who participated in the Taste of Summer blog recipe tour to promote the MFRW Summer Camp that took place a couple weeks ago. In addition, I personally relied on Karen’s input during a recent time when I did not want to intrude upon the experience of the founder and official head honcho of MFRW, Kayelle Allen, as she endured a family tragedy. It was a relief to know Karen was available as the second-in-command, and I appreciated both her help and the welcoming pleasantness I invariably experienced in our interactions.

In my experience, there are (somewhat unusual) times when only knowing someone via writing/online interaction imparts the unmistakable sense of their warmth, receptivity, and true sweetness and sincerity. I have experienced Karen this way, and it has been such a joy to “meet” and work alongside her, however peripherally I have.

Karen, thank you for all your service and leadership, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors, and in general, always. :)


“There’s a time for everyone if they only learn that the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn…and can you feel the love tonight, it is where we are…”
-Elton John “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”

July 25th, 2013

Between the Cheeks E-Book Anthology Out Now!

BTCRachel Kramer Bussel and Cleis Press have edited and published, respectively, a new anal sex e-book, Between the Cheeks, that is available now! This mini-anthology contains six previously published stories all gathered in one place for the first time by virtue of their association with anal sex. :)

My story “Apple Blossoms,” originally published last year in Rachel’s Anything for You, is included in the collection, and I’m delighted to be in such company as Donna George Storey, Alison Tyler, and D. L. King!

If you’d like to review Between the Cheeks, Rachel is giving away a limited number of copies for those who email her at the address listed at the link. (Note these are first come, first serve, so they may all be spoken for by the time this is read—if so, apologies! :)) In any case, Between the Cheeks is available now for Kindle and NOOK. Happy reading! ;)


Brad seemed to be waiting for further direction—either that, or he felt reluctant to start with our watching him. Ignoring him, I sidled over to Brooke and pressed against her naked body. I whispered into her ear, and she gave me a surprised smile. I blushed, knowing I seemed out of character—not just in the action I suggested but also in initiating, in wanting to do something different and impulsive like I watched her enthuse over all the time.

“Well that’s great, Ashley,” Brooke said out loud. “Why don’t you go right ahead and do that.”
-from “Apple Blossoms”

July 24th, 2013

Yet Another Fabulous Time at The Erotic Literary Salon!

Robin "Erobintica" Sampson and me post-Salon

Robin “Erobintica” Sampson and me post-Salon

As usual, it seems, it’s taken me a bit to blog about this, but I do want to offer a recap of my visit to The Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia last week. This was my second time as a Salon featured reader, and I really find it such an honor!

Something new this time was that Susana Mayer, founder and curator of the Salon, has begun offering the features a chance to lead a discussion about a topic of their choice with attendees for a half hour before the Salon starts. Since I’d seen mentions of it lately and feel interested enough in the subject to have written about it myself, I asked if I could chat with the attendees about the depiction of condom use in erotic fiction.

I was really interested in what the attendees had to say on the subject, both as writers and readers, and I was delighted by the degree of participation in the discussion. I also loved that there seemed to be a diversity of perspectives, and I never sensed any disrespect on anyone’s part of any of them. Awesome! For me, it really turned out to be an interesting conversation, and I appreciate the opportunity to have initiated it and especially appreciate the offerings from all those who chose to share.

As usual, there was a remarkable array of presentations among the five-minute readings in which participants have the opportunity to partake. I truly am struck by what an extraordinary, unusual (not to mention popular!) environment Susana has managed to create with the Salon. Its specialness is unmistakable, and it’s been such a pleasure to be there every time I have.

I read just before intermission and prior to the other feature presenter, the featured musician of the evening, who opened the Salon again after the culmination of the break. I had chosen, for particular personal reasons, to read from my story “Then,” which was published a couple years ago in Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s anthology Obsessed. The story is too long to fit into the 10 minutes I was allotted, so I started in the middle. :) I don’t really have to describe it, as the video is right here if you are interested:

One of the things I’ve consistently found joyous about attending the Salon is seeing people there I know and love. Though there were a few “regulars” who weren’t there that I missed, this time was no exception. Of course seeing Susana is a delight, and Erobintica came down from Connecticut and read us two new poems during her turn at the mic. Her good friend whom I won’t name here (as I don’t know if he’s okay with that) was there, too, and I ended up staying overnight with them so I could have lunch the next day with my extraordinarily delightful new friend Ashley, whom I met at CatalystCon East and who was attending the Salon as a brand-new resident of Philadelphia. A wonderful couple I had the pleasure of meeting last year at a Monica Day-curated event was there, too, and it was a delight as usual to see them.

It was, as it has been in the past, a marvelous time. Enormous thanks to Susana for letting me feature, Erobintica’s friend for hosting me overnight and for doing my videotaping, and all who came out to physically be with us for the event. Already looking forward to next time!


“There’s a place I know, if you’re looking for a show, where they go hardcore…and they turn me on…”
-Ke$ha “Take It Off”