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September 25th, 2013

Recommended Reading #168: Youth, Pt. V

      “Speaking Up About Hookup Culture” by Cory Silverberg (Sex and Culture, Media, Sociology, Academia) 8/28/13

Unquestionably, my favorite part of this piece is the last paragraph. I agree so wholeheartedly and really appreciate Cory’s pointing it out. As far as the rest of the piece, I also appreciate the offering of a perspective/perspectives to “complicate the picture,” as he puts it, of various media frenzies/hysterias about sex, particularly sex and youth.


      “Sexy Selfies: No Cause for Teen Shaming” by Rebekah Kuschmider (Sex and Culture, Gender Socialization) 9/5/13

Love this. If you haven’t read the post to which it’s responding, she links to it (“FYI If You’re A Teenage Girl”), but frankly I feel one could gather from the context what the gist of that post is (as I perceive it, sexist, hypocritical, slut-shaming, judgmental nonsense). In any case, I like this response and its emphasis of individuality and of sexuality and sexual expression not being something intrinsically shameful. Despite how prevalent such a perception seems to me in this culture, it still strikes me as a breathtakingly absurd idea. The only things I don’t fully agree with in this piece are the allusions to young women being “as lovely as they will ever be” and at their sexual peak at their current age. I can understand why that is invoked, but I don’t think it is a given for anyone or that we ever know such a thing, really. But other than that, I’m a big fan of what I interpret from this post.


      “School is a prison — and damaging our kids” by Peter Gray (Non-Sex-Related, Education, School, Public Policy) 8/26/13

I wholly agree with this and have long viewed the fundamental structure of the school system in the U.S. as problematic for many of the reasons I interpret this piece as outlining. I also appreciate the point offered in the article that it may seem hard to even imagine that the current system is not the best we can do and based on the best of intentions for supporting our youth. Seem that as it may, I don’t see it as such; I see it as a system that does nothing of the sort, and I am all for our considering that as well as ways we could make it better.


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September 18th, 2013

Recommended Reading #167: Empathy

      “If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, I cannot agree with you – Q&A” by Kevin Rudd (Recommended Watch, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Public Policy) 9/2/13

Nicely put. Though I don’t know, I would love to think that the prime minister’s words affected, opened, and/or challenged the questioner’s (and his listeners’) perspective(s).


      “real women” by Hanne Blank (Gender, Health and Body) 6/23/11

I simply find this lovely.


      “Let’s be gentle with each other. Let’s read each other’s signs.” by Melody Ross (Non-Sex-Related, Relationship, Injury) 4/4/13

It is hard for me to imagine anyone not feeling affected by this…and I hope that is the case.


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September 16th, 2013

Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica Available Now in Print and E-Book Formats!

BGBsiteI am sorry to say that I somehow let the opportunity pass me by to mention that Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica had been released in print—thus, I am capitalizing on the fact that it was released today on Kindle and Nook to announce that Baby Got Back is currently available in print and electronic formats!

My story “Delivery” is included in Baby Got Back, and I find it delightfully serendipitous that “Delivery” happens to take place in Las Vegas. :) I’ve noticed that the collection has been getting truly lovely reviews on Amazon, and I’m looking forward to getting all the way through it. I already received my author copies in the mail and just started reading it a few days ago. :)

Something I’ve been quite delighted to see is that a few sex educator reviewers have mentioned that Baby Got Back seems an appropriate collection to refer to clients who are curious about or interested in anal sex. Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel takes care to mention a few actual nonfiction manuals related to anal sex in the introduction, which I appreciate; I have the impression the reviewers in question are referring to using the stories in Baby Got Back to demonstrate the range and indeed eroticism anal sex may encompass, and it is such a pleasure to me to be a part of a collection that is perceived as such.

If you want to learn more about the anthology, Baby Got Back has its own Tumblr account, where you can find the table of contents, introduction, and purchase links. If you decide to pick it up (or already have!), I do hope you enjoy it! :)


I turned my attention back to our table and scanned the elegant pages in front of me, figuring there was no point in spending the entire meal trying to watch what was happening in the next room. We busied ourselves ordering for a few moments, and I handed my menu to the tuxedo-clad gentleman and tuned in to the conversation around me.

Until out of the corner of my eye, I saw Wesley get up from his table. I watched covertly as he set his napkin on his chair and excused himself. Then he turned and strode through the large doorway into our room, passing by with nary a glance at me as he disappeared down the hallway that led to the restroom.

That was my cue.
-from “Delivery” in Baby Got Back

September 13th, 2013

Five Weeks from Today…


Regular visitors to my site may have noticed the button to the left that features quite lovely-looking knights and mentions the dates of October 18-20. If you follow me on social media, you probably saw the links to my post on the Hot Mojave Knights blog talking about the event a couple weeks ago.

I will admit I have been remiss in not specifically blogging here about this extraordinary event—until now! I could use the excuse that social media seems faster and easier (translation: laziness :) ) or that I’ve known about the event for so long that I was waiting until it got closer to do a big announcement about it; both of those are true, but since the event is now exactly five weeks away (five happens to be my favorite number, ha), the time has now come to give the forthcoming Hot Mojave Knights event its highly due attention here on my blog!

Hot Mojave Knights (HMK) is a romance reader weekend packed with interactive events and opportunities for readers to connect with writers they love, as well as meet new ones. Also (and very importantly)—it is going to be held in Las Vegas!! I was deeply, deeply honored when organizing committee member Siobhan Muir, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted ever since the Erotic Authors Association conference in 2011, asked me some time back if I would like to be one of the Authors of the Court at the inaugural Hot Mojave Knights event (you can read more about my delighted but slightly nervous response here on the HMK blog). I am so delighted that Siobhan asked me and that I accepted, and I am becoming more excited about the weekend by the day!

First, a few months ago I found such a delightful item to include in my author raffle basket (which will be auctioned off to benefit the local-to-Las-Vegas Adopt A Rescue Pet, a cause I am very, very happy to support) that I was rather beside myself. Yes, sometimes it’s the little things that excite me. ;) I was going to have it be a surprise, but I’m just so delighted by it that I’m going to share it now. It was made by an artist who custom-designs and -engraves items such as keychains, money clips, etc. And guess what else she makes? Condom holders! I was so thrilled when I discovered this and wasted no time in placing an order that included a green background and a gemstone design (get it?). Here is the final result:


Isn’t it lovely?? My website url is engraved on the back. :) My raffle basket will also include such items as a $25 gift certificate to the delightful online retailer My Secret Luxury, a small set of Godiva truffles, and signed copies of a few anthologies that feature my work, including Best Erotic Romance (with my story “Honey Changes Everything”).

HMK also features intimate encounters with the Authors of the Court. How to fill the half hour I and anyone who would like to come see me are allotted is still in the planning stages for me…but I do hope to do the opportunity justice. :D In addition, there will be a masquerade ball on Saturday evening, for which we are all invited to dress up as our favorite book character. Authors are invited to dress as a character of their own creation, and while I know which of my characters I plan to emulate (in appearance anyway), my outfit has not been completely determined yet. I chalk that up to one of the many enjoyable tasks involved in preparing for my attendance at HMK. :) I do love planning outfits!

In addition, the HMK organizers have arranged for four charming, and, um, as far as I’m concerned, easy-on-the-eyes knights to mingle amongst us all weekend aiming to earn chivalry points and be awarded the coveted title of Mr. Mojave Knight during Saturday evening’s proceedings. :)

In short, the organizers have provided this list of what is included for those who choose to join us at this highly anticipated weekend:

      Hot Mojave Knights Swag Bag
      Access to the hospitality suite and bookstore all weekend

      Admission to Intimate Encounters with Court Authors and Sponsor Events

      Intimate Rendezvous event with Scribes of the Realm – “speed dating” event

      Catered Costume Ball/Banquet with two drink tickets on Saturday night

      Admission to the Hot Mojave Knight Crowning event on Saturday night

      Continental Breakfasts both Saturday and Sunday mornings

      Admission to the Featured Authors Book Signing on Sunday

As I hope would be obvious to anyone who has ever visited this blog, I would be utterly delighted and honored to see any of you who have read and/or enjoyed my work there. :) Please see this page for everything you need to sign up, and if you have any questions about the event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and ask. Lastly, please follow Hot Mojave Knights on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the news and info leading up to the event!

Five weeks from today…so the countdown begins!!


“Hey baby let’s go to Vegas, bet on love and let it ride…”
-Faith Hill “Let’s Go to Vegas”

September 11th, 2013

Recommended Reading #166: BDSM

      “Fifty Shades of Abuse?” by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Sex and Culture, Media, Writing) 9/6/13

I like all the angles this covers and find it a thoughtful, reasoned exposition.


      “Why BDSM Might Be the Sanest Sex Out There” by Ashley Manta (Sex and Culture, Psychology, Academia) 6/28/13

I find this a pretty straightforward analysis of the historical categorization in the DSM of BDSM orientation as a disorder. For many readers, it is probably old news/unnecessary, but those less familiar with the subject may find it helpful. :)


      “‘Breath'” by Mollena Williams (Recommended Watch, Erotic Fiction) 7/27/13

What an extraordinary story, and what an incredible reading of it. This to me simply exemplifies the “wow” factor.


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