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October 30th, 2013

Recommended Reading #173: Examining Communication

      “Woman Burned by McDonald’s Hot Coffee, Then the News Media” via The New York Times YouTube channel (Recommended Watch, Non-Sex-Related, Media) 10/21/13

This may seem a little long. But if you’re old enough to remember this story, it really seems worthwhile to me to view this and understand the circumstances beyond what the media blasted the public with at the time (and understand the inappropriateness of its having become a cultural “joke”).


      “If It Happened There … the Government Shutdown” by Joshua Keating (Non-Sex-Related, Politics, Media) 9/30/13

I love this. I find it fabulous for so many reasons to report like this—speak about the U.S. as its media tends to speak of other countries, particularly in the midst of the recent meltdown.


      “Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming” by Neil Gaiman (Non-Sex-Related, Reading, Writing, Youth) 10/15/13

Were I to describe this in one word, I think it would be “compelling.” Even if I perhaps didn’t agree with how I interpreted every single word, I feel moved enough by the thrust of what I interpreted here to feel that people, in general, would do well to read this.


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October 23rd, 2013

Recommended Reading #172: Aspiration

      “Playing Our Way to Wisdom” by Gwen Gordon (Non-Sex-Related, Consciousness) 10/24/13

This resonates with me a lot, and I agree with the author’s assessments about the importance of play and its connection with presence and wisdom.


      “Date a Woman Who Knows Everything (& Nothing).” by Renee Picard (Relationship, Self-Awareness, Psychology) 10/11/13

I find this very lovely, though I personally interpret (almost all of) it as what to aspire to rather than as what to aspire to date.


      “Trader Joe’s Ex-President To Turn Expired Food Into Cheap Meals” on NPR (Non-Sex-Related, Economics) 9/21/13

I deeply love this idea and appreciate what Mr. Raunch has to say about it.


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October 16th, 2013

Recommended Reading #171: Sex and (Mainstream) Media, Pt. III

      “I Don’t Care That Cory Booker Tweeted With a Stripper, I’m Still Voting for Him” by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Politics, Sex Work, Sex and Culture) 9/27/13

I agree that when I see things like this being distorted into “news,” I don’t know what else to even feel except that we truly need to get a life.


      “Feministe Needs to Face Up to Their Hypocrisy About Sex Work” by Chris at literate perversions (Sex Work, Writing) 9/16/13

I acknowledge that I don’t follow Feministe regularly, but I read the piece by Sarah Elizabeth Pahman to which this, in part, responds, and overall, I really, really appreciate this post.


      “HBO Should Show Dongs” by CollegeHumor (Recommended Watch, Gender Double Standard, Sex and Culture, Humor) Undated

I love this (beyond any humor it offers, by the way).


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October 14th, 2013

Guest Posting on A Hopeful Romantic!


I’m quite delighted and honored that the utterly lovely KD Grace (whom, incidentally, I adore) invited me to visit her blog, A Hopeful Romantic, today. I wrote about my trip to Niagara Falls earlier this year, which was solely devoted to writing—and writing of a particular kind, as I talk about in the post. I also share an excerpt of an unpublished story that was one of the ones I worked on while I was there (and that is partially set there). I’d love it if you stopped by to see me! :)


Niagara Falls still calls to me. I find myself wanting to go back at least every other week or so, and now that it is the off-season again, that may happen in the near future. Or maybe not. But what seems to me one of the most valuable offerings I could embrace from that magical trip is the essential reminder that this is what I do. And I can do it whether a pristine view of world-class magnificence is right out my window or I am sitting in my chair in my office. Whatever is outside me, the inside is the same.
-from “Niagara Falls and Writing on Non-Demand” at A Hopeful Romantic

October 9th, 2013

Recommended Reading #170: Abortion, Pt. V

      “One lesson from Texas: legal abortion means nothing without access” by Eesha Pandit (Reproductive Rights, Health Care, Poverty) 6/28/13

I feel strongly and have focused much time and attention on legal rights surrounding abortion, but it is true as well that access is paramount, and I appreciate this piece’s pointing out some of the fundamental considerations and circumstances surrounding abortion access.


      “New Wave of Laws Seeks to Shut Down Abortion Providers” by Joerg Dreweke (Reproductive Rights, Politics, Health and Body, Public Policy) 6/27/13

Having just come from a rally in Virginia this morning in support of a local clinic suing to overturn TRAP laws in the state (judge ruled in our favor—yay!), I am happy to recommend this short piece that outlines the problematic nature and general fundamental intention of such laws.


      “Why Do Women Have Abortions After 20 Weeks, Anyway?” by Emily Deruy (Health and Body, Memoir, Reproductive Rights, Public Policy) 9/26/13

Nothing in this piece is news to me, but I appreciate seeing it spelled out (yet again) in such a straightforward and personal way for any who may not have considered or understood it.


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