November 27th, 2013

Recommended Reading #177: Non-Monogamy, Pt. IV

      “Monogamy Isn’t Broken, But We Are” by Samantha on Not Your Mother’s Playground ( Relationship, Self-Awareness, Sex and Culture ) 10/25/13

I wholeheartedly agree with this and find it beautifully stated. If more of us caught on to this, I truly suspect it would shift the collective perception and experience of relationship—to a healthier, more open, more authentic place.


      “Why I Believe in Polyamory, But Still Feel It’s Problematic” by Frances Amaroux ( Relationship, Sex and Culture, Self-Awareness ) 10/21/13

I especially love #4 on the pro-polyamory list. I do feel truly nurturing and supportive relationships take emotional maturity in general, but I can see the author’s point that in our current cultural manifestation, non-monogamous orientations could seem to lean particularly on emotional maturity and/or self-awareness. Basically, I feel this piece offers relevant practical points about non-monogamy any who are interested in or practicing it may want or do well to consider.


      “Polyamory and a Sports Metaphor” by noblecaboose (Sex and Culture, Sociology, Relationship) 11/7/13

Pretty cool.


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