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April 30th, 2014

Recommended Reading #199: Self-Awareness, Pt. IV

      “Arianna Huffington’s Guide to ‘Sleeping Your Way to the Top'” by Victoria Dawson Hoff (Health and Body, Consciousness, Sociology) 3/25/14

I know relatively little about Arianna Huffington, save that I was working for someone she invited to be one of the original contributors to the Huffington Post when she first started it (he declined, for reasons that made sense to me and had nothing to do with Huffington herself), so this is simply an endorsement of what I experience the author of this and Ms. Huffington’s saying in this piece. I do feel the emphasis on internal awareness is not only of vast importance but also profoundly influences our outer perception and experience.


      “How To: Processing Painful Emotions and Making Peace With The Past” by Dr. Gayle Friend (Non-Sex-Related, Consciousness/Spirituality, Psychology) 4/7/14

Lovely practical suggestions that resonate with some of my personal experience in this area.


      “‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative” by Kameron Hurley (Military History, Gender Socialization, Writing) 5/20/13

Well, this was one of the most awesome things I’d read in a while. (The tiniest caveat for me is in mentioning that calling women “bitches and cunts and whores” makes it easier to not see them as people—it’s not that I don’t see that strategy as having existed but rather that, since I don’t consider “whore” an insult, I looked warily upon the word in context and hoped the author and any readers would realize that if a woman does work as a whore, she is still a person too.) I truly find it brilliant and appeal to you to read it.


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April 27th, 2014

MFRW Facebook Party May 1!

And yes, it is only coincidence that it happens to be on my birthday. :)

I’m excited to be participating in the first Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) Facebook party on my birthday, May 1! All the details have been provided below by the party’s brainchild and host (and MFRW’s blog director), Paloma Beck, who also supplied us with the beautiful graphic you see in my sidebar and enlarged just below. I myself will be playing party host quite early in the day—from 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning Eastern US time, to be exact—and the party will be going on throughout the day, with appearances and contributions from a multitude of (mostly romance, some erotic romance) authors. Hope to see you there!!

It’s Time to Party!
hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers (#MFRWorg)
Join over a dozen other authors as we share excerpts from our contemporary romances. Get ideas for some new books to enjoy this spring. With all heat levels represented, there’s something for everyone. Join in on the hourly contests and win prizes. This is a party you do not want to miss, and it’s going on all day on May 1st.

Confirmed Participating Authors INCLUDE:
Victoria Barbour – Vicki Batman – Paloma Beck – Gemma Brocato – Candy Caine – Lisa Carlisle – Carly Carson – Margie Church – Karen Cino – Wendy Lynn Clark – Margo Bond Collins – Kandie Delley – Emerald – Candace Gold – Lily Harlem – Susan Jaymes – Mona Karel – Patricia Kiyono – Adriana Kraft – Jan Meredith – Siobhan Muir – Martha O’Sullivan – Skylin O’Thomas – Victoria Pinder – Irene Preston – Jana Richards – Christi Williams – Sabrina York

CLICK HERE to Attend!

April 23rd, 2014

Recommended Reading #198: Responding to Discord, Pt. IV

      “This Is Not A Pity Party” by Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman (Non-Sex-Related, Sociology, Academia, Gender and Racial Disparities) 10/25/13

Though I possess both an undergraduate and a graduate degree, I don’t feel I know a lot about the overall environment of professional academia. I perceive this as a straightforward elucidation of things in a field I’ve tended to rarely consider, and I find it interesting and can appreciate the presentation of a viewpoint one experiences as marginalized in one’s professional field, especially one with as much public exposure as academia.


      “The Spectrum: On being Palestinian in a pro-Israel institution” by Serene Darwish (Non-Sex-Related, Politics, International Policy, Academia, Sociology) 4/18/14

I want to acknowledge up front that context, history, and circumstances in Israeli/Palestinian interactions are not something about which I feel particularly informed. I appreciated reading this piece because it offers insight into an individual’s experience in a way I found interesting, cogent, and articulate. Recommending this is not meant to indicate a position on an issue about which, again, I don’t feel informed enough to strongly hold a position currently. It is, rather, a read I recommend simply for the reasons I just listed for appreciating it.


      “The Minimum Wage Worker Strikes Back” by Sarah Kendzior (Non-Sex-Related, Economics, Sociology, U.S. Public Policy) 4/14/14

This is a fairly long read. But I see it as an important one and recommend it for those who feel they have the time. To me, as a policy and a paradigm under which we operate, not having a living wage as a simple fundamental baseline if we are going to support a capitalistic societal structure is inexcusable. Far beyond discussions about economic implications and strategies under the current mode operandi, the perspective in me is that we need a paradigm shift. Almost by definition, that is not the kind of thing we can foresee or form in the same state of consciousness with which we formed the current paradigm, so I continue to wish us all the best in awakening so more life-affirming systems organically emerge and thrive.


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April 16th, 2014

Recommended Reading #197: Life Force

      “A Pause for Beauty” email series quoting Sarah Ban Breathnach (Non-Sex-Related, Consciousness/Spirituality, Self-Awareness) Undated

I see this as a simply self-explanatory truth of existence.


      “This is something humans DO” at The Writers’ Greenhouse (Non-Sex-Related, Writing, Humanity, Art) 3/31/14

I found this beautiful. Beautifully stated, beautifully conceived, beautifully aware.


      “Eros is Relatedness” by Annie OShaughnessy (Self-Awareness, Consciousness/Spirituality, Philosophy) 4/9/14

I appreciate the understanding of Eros I interpret here, and I felt struck by the descriptions the author offers.


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April 9th, 2014

Recommended Reading #196: Humor, Pt. VI

      “Bangin’ on the Head Drum!” at PostHumorous (Non-Sex-Related, Music, Memoir) 8/21/13

I really do laugh out loud all the way through this. :)


      “Nation’s Underfunded Public Education System To Experiment With Shortened 6-Day School Year” at The Onion (Non-Sex-Related, Education, U.S. Public Policy) 8/24/12

“[T]hree seconds of detention after class” made me laugh out loud. :)


      “Mother Has a Meltdown During Daughter’s iPhone ‘Acid’ Prank” at Funny or Die (Non-Sex-Related, Technology, Parenting, Youth) 3/20/14

I want to say that I truly thought I would find this silly and roll my eyes at it, but the truth is I found myself literally laughing out loud….


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