April 2nd, 2014

Recommended Reading #195: Memoir, Pt. V

      “She wasn’t being rude” by dogtorbill (Non-Sex-Related, Animals, Economics, Humanity) 2/15/14

Even barely skimming this again before I posted it here brought tears to my eyes. I cried quite a bit when I read it for real, and I found it profoundly beautiful in a way to which words don’t seem to do justice.


      “What I Want to Know Is Why You Hate Porn Stars” by Conner Habib (Sex Work, Pornography, Relationship) 3/19/14

I found this a beautiful memoir piece in addition to one I appreciated greatly from an advocacy perspective. I especially liked the perspective offered about whether or not performers in porn were abused as children (“I’m not sure why this is important to you, or why it sounds so much like an I-told-you-so when it comes from your mouth”) and the section right after that about what it seems to indicate to say that women are being intrinsically exploited when they do porn (on which I’ve written myself).


      “The Worst Best Day of My Life” by Amy (Health and Body, Western Medicine, Consciousness/Spirituality, Parenting) 3/26/14

It feels fair to me to offer a warning that I experienced this as heart-wrenching and cried openly as I read it. I also found/find it well worth reading and beautiful.


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