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October 22nd, 2014

Jumping into Book Hooks with “Relative Anonymity” #MFRWHooks #MFRWAuthor

logo book hooksNow that I have a book (books, actually, but the erotic romance one is the one I’m emphasizing in MFRW promotions :)) of my own, I get the pleasure of taking advantage of Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) promotional opportunities like Book Hooks! A number of authors participate each week, so please follow the links below my post to check out theirs as well.

This week I’m excerpting six sentences from one of the stories in my erotic romance collection, If… Then, which was released last month from 1001 Nights Press. The collection comprises ten stories—eight previously published and two new—and the official blurb and buy links are below.

From “Relative Anonymity”:

Sometimes looking at her life had felt like looking at scenes from a book: they fit together perfectly, but she almost hadn’t felt inside or a part of them. She and David grew up together, their families were best friends, and they loved each other, but their marriage was like a piece of a puzzle of overall togetherness that the situation required. “They as a couple” had sometimes seemed like no more than a congeniality, a formality to complete things the way they were supposed to be completed. Was it about privacy? Maybe. Carly wasn’t even sure what she meant by that, but she knew that privacy had seemed like a mysterious, elusive concept that occurred in other people’s lives.

-“Relative Anomymity” in If… Then: a collection of erotic romance stories

If Then for siteBLURB: In these tales of sizzling erotic romance, deep affection and the warmth of familiarity underlie the erotic connection between longtime lovers. “The Plant on the Mantel” explores the unexpected implications of a generations-past affair on a young married couple. “Honey Changes Everything” finds Kim wondering how to lead her husband out of his state of despair upon losing his job; inspiration comes when breakfast in bed serves up more than just pancakes. And “If…” and “…Then” examine what happens when Valerie finds herself intensely attracted to someone other than her boyfriend—and what he does when he finds out.

With two original stories (“Soft and Gray” and “Shattered Angels”) joining the eight previously published tales in this collection, If… Then is a testament to the scorching eroticism that can so seamlessly subsist with long-term romance.

Buy If… Then: a collection of erotic romance stories from:

Thank you for coming by, and please do check out the other authors participating in this week’s Book Hooks listed below!


October 15th, 2014

The Story of Safe

It is my pure and profound delight to announce that my second single-author short story collection, Safe: a collection of erotic stories, is available in print and e-book formats now!

Safe blog

In February of 2013, I embarked on a solitary writing trip to Niagara Falls. I talked at some length about the reasons for that, as well as the results, on KD Grace’s blog here later that year when she graciously invited me to be a guest there.

One thing I didn’t mention at that time, mainly because it hadn’t happened yet and I’ve tended to not want to chat about such things until they’ve actually materialized, is that I was aware at that time that I had gone to Niagara Falls for a very specific reason. There were three particular stories I had wanted to write there that I had conceived in my head but yet not transferred onto paper (or computer, as the case may be). I wanted to take that trip to specifically relinquish other responsibilities for that few days and focus solely on allowing these three stories to be written.

They were the final components of the short story collection I had known I had wanted to create for some time.

You may be noticing at this point that it took me quite a while to complete said process. :) Yes, that seems true, but I consider that trip to Niagara Falls to be a watershed moment in the process that has led to my first two single-author books, If… Then and Safe.

Safe was the title of the manuscript I originally submitted to 1001 Nights Press for publication consideration earlier this year. As I alluded to in my post announcing the release of If… Then last month, when I heard back from Sharazade, 1001 Nights Press’s head honcho, I interpreted her as suggesting the collection be divided into two separate volumes.

I balked at this idea, since I was admittedly pretty set in the perception of it I had had for more than a year as a complete whole. Now, I appreciate that suggestion so much and can see just how wise it seemed.

Basically, we divided the original manuscript between erotica stories and erotic romance stories, or those that at least seemed to contain romantic elements and romance-oriented (i.e., happy!) endings. I am aware both that erotica and erotic romance are separate genres and that they have distinct (though sometimes, of course, overlapping) audiences. Thus, turning Safe into both If… Then and Safe (the erotica collection kept the original title, which is also the title of its final story) made a lot of sense from both a marketing and a reader-orientation standpoint.

If… Then came out first so I could promote it at Hot Mojave Knights, the magnificent reader-oriented author and reader event I attended in Las Vegas last month. It’s been a whirlwind month for me of the thrill of my very first solo book and the promotional obligations that correspond (in my view) with having had the honor of its being published. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and offered such gracious congratulations, and especially to those who have bought the book! :)

Today, October 15, is Safe‘s release date. It is a profound joy to me to have this volume published and available to the public as the final step of the collection of which I began the vaguest formulations in my consciousness literally years ago.

Safe’s table of contents is as follows:

Power over Power
Hers to Keep*
Of Her Own Accord*
Open Invitation
Is Not Gold
To Make It That Way
On the Rise*

*previously unpublished
**previously published as “With Random Precision”

I have been working as well on a slight update of my website, which should be visible soon, that will emphasize the availability of these two collections. Probably the biggest difference will be that the home page will no longer be my blog. Rather, entry to the site will land visitors on a static page with information on If… Then and Safe. Rest assured, however, the blog will be quite easily accessible via the “Blog” tab of the menu bar. :) (The link directly to the blog will not change.) I’m not planning for the look of the blog to change much (save the site header, which I am revising slightly), but the pages will have a bit of a different aesthetic as I remove the side bars from all except the blog page.

Anyway, to get back to Safe, this collection contains four original (meaning previously unpublished) stories. Two of them have been done for some time, tucked away on reserve for the single-author collection I was so earnestly planning. The other two were finished more recently—specifically, in Niagara Falls.

Technically that’s not exactly true: the first drafts were finished in Niagara Falls, though the editing process went on for months after my return. These two are “On the Rise,” which had waited patiently as an almost entirely formulated story in my head for an astonishingly long time before I buckled down to actually transferring it into tangible existence. The other story is “Safe” (the title story, obviously), whose idea had just taken shape a couple months before I headed up across the border to Canada to bring it to fruition.

And so, at long last, the stories have been completed, the manuscript submitted (and accepted, and divided), the volumes formatted, and now, the books released out of my sole possession and into the world. I couldn’t be more thrilled about it and once again want to extend particular thanks to my publisher, 1001 Nights Press, for its place in this manifestation of a dream that’s been in me for thirty years.

Safe: a collection of erotic stories is on sale now in both print and electronic formats at the following retailers.

Amazon UK (Kindle) (print)
Barnes & Noble

Thank you for reading. :)


“You’re safe with me, baby.” Sam’s whispered voice was rough, urgent. His solid form pressed against her back as his embrace held her arms, her whole body, in place between himself and the counter. “Do you hear me? You’re safe with me.”

The words brought forth a rush of fluid between her legs, and her strength left her as she sagged against his grasp. It tightened, not letting her fall, and she made an incoherent sound as she felt him pause a split second before removing one hand and sliding it slowly down her hip.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” His grip had turned to iron, his voice like redemption in her ear.

Her “yes” was strangled, pushing forth faster than her system had the capacity to articulate.
-from “Safe,” the title story of Safe: a collection of erotic stories

October 15th, 2014

Recommended Reading #217: Humanity and Inspiration, Pt. XIII

      “Creative People, Forgive Yourselves” by Scott at New Trail Coaching (Non-Sex-Related, Self-Care, Creative Endeavors) 10/13/14

This struck me as beautiful, astute, poignant, and needed.


      “Pause” by Sommer Marsden (Non-Sex-Related, Memoir, Tribute) 8/12/14

I find this tribute so beautiful I don’t want to interfere with it by commenting further. I simply offer a recommendation to view it.


      “An Open Letter to My Now Ex-Wife” by Michael Cheshire (Relationship, Memoir, Consciousness) 9/24/14

I find this an inspiringly beautiful expression in response to a shift in relationship. It reflects, in my interpretation, the true spirit of authentic loving relationship. I don’t see such shift in relationship as some kind of relationship “failure,” nor do I use longevity as a standard judgement for the “success” or quality of a relationship.


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