January 10th, 2019

Slixa Essay Contest on FOSTA/SESTA

Greetings! I’m late to the game on this (the deadline’s only a few days away!), but I just found out that Slixa.com is holding an essay contest for former and current adult service providers on the effects of FOSTA/SESTA’s passage. They’re set to award a total of $10,000 in prizes, with the winner receiving $2,500 and getting to choose the sex-work-related charitable beneficiary of a matching $2,500.

Here is the press release about the contest, and you can find the contest entry form here—where you may also read a bit about the panel of three awesome judges who will be choosing the winners (as well as questions/writing prompts for potential entrants seeking a little guidance).

The submission is January 14 (midnight Eastern Standard Time), so time is of the essence! I have seen much striking writing online about the impact of FOSTA/SESTA’s becoming law and look forward to reading the entries chosen by the contest judges. Wishing all the entrants (and everyone) all the best!


“With this essay contest, our goal is to learn more about the legal and political residual effects of FOSTA/SESTA on businesses at large and for providers personally . . . while also supporting and helping improve the collective lives of a community that is increasingly and alarmingly under fire.”
-Slixa spokesperson Lee Jennings in the contest press release


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