May 6th, 2020

Office Space at the #RLFblog

I’m delighted to be a guest today on the Romance Lives Forever blog, helmed by the esteemed Kayelle Allen. In addition to talking about my brand new book, Initiative: Tales of Erotic Boldness, I’m also sharing a little about my work space, which in my case is my home office.

You can find our interview here. Please feel free to visit, say hi, and learn why a gumball machine is one of my favorite things in my office!


“In addition, my office has fabulous silver wallpaper, a wall calendar I buy every year that has gorgeous and inspiring garden photographs (the Secret Garden series—I highly recommend it), and a stuffed Hello Kitty in a hot pink plaid dress I consider my ‘writing buddy.'”
-from my RLF interview

2 Responses “Office Space at the #RLFblog”

  1. I found the Hello Kitty thing adorable. I have dragons all over mine. lol :) Thanks for coming over to RLF to visit!

  2. Emerald says:

    Hello Kitty is in a number of places around my house, LOL. I have a Hello Kitty hook in my shower that holds a scrub brush!

    It was a delight as usual to be at RLF. Thank you so much, Kayelle…for everything!

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