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Below is a list of my short stories you may find online for free. They are listed in reverse chronological order accoriding to publication date. Click on the link for more details (including a link directly to the story in question), or just scroll down to look through them all.

The Erotic Woman

Erotic website
Published May 31, 2013

City Girl (Originally published in One Night Only)

It was between the sheep and cattle barns that I saw him. He was dressed like a cowboy, which didn’t really set him apart around here. The features and physique that made him look like Christian Bale in a hat, however, certainly did. My eyes barely had time to run from the black felt to the slate-gray boots he had on before gravitating magnetically to his eyes—which were looking at mine.

My lips parted, and instinctively I took a step toward him. There were 25 yards separating us, but I noticed nothing that was between us as my gaze locked in on him like a laser. It was a focus I didn’t even feel like I controlled; it was simply how I looked at people I wanted to fuck.

For a second he held my gaze, and I hadn’t determined whether it reflected what was in mine before a wave of people intersected the distance between us, sweeping him from sight as Isabel asked what I was doing and nudged me along. I looked back as we approached the cattle barn, but none of the plethora of black cowboy hats in sight sat atop the specimen of walking masculine sex appeal I had just glimpsed.

As we entered the cattle barn, my focus had already crystallized around finding him.

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The Erotic Woman

Erotic website
Published October 28, 2011

Wings and All (Originally published in K Is for Kinky)

My friends who would be at the party had heard a little bit about Justin—to the point where they had dubbed him my “nice guy,” as that apparently distinguished him from the other guys I fucked.

And therein, perhaps, lay the problem. I had no problem with Justin’s “niceness,” of course, but I had found that it overwhelmingly pervaded the one place I didn’t necessarily want it to—which was in bed. Justin fucked sweetly. And he usually let me initiate things. It wasn’t that I didn’t like that, but sometimes…I simply wanted to be thrown down and fucked. Fucked by the alpha male holding me down and pounding me fiercely. Fucked like I’m just there just to provide pleasure for someone else. Fucked, to paraphrase the immortal words of Nine Inch Nails, like an animal.

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Erotica For All


Free Read at Erotica For All
Erotica readers and writers resource website
Published September 2, 2010
(Previously published March 30, 2009 at Ruthie’s Club, erotic website now on hiatus)

Is Not Gold

“I was just thinking it’s about time to go,” she said, eyes on the ground. Her voice sounded tight.

He studied her. “No.”

She looked up at him with surprise. She started to speak, but he was already striding toward her, pulling her unceremoniously from the bench and up against him, kissing her with the solidity of the mountain behind him.

She didn’t need convincing. Her body responded to him the way it always had, and soon she was clawing at his jacket, at everything that separated her from him, and he was shrugging out of it and pushing hers from her shoulders, their eyes still closed, nothing but harsh, frantic kissing between them as he ripped her blouse open and she tore off his belt.

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