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Below is a list of my short stories you may find online for free. They are listed in reverse chronological order accoriding to publication date. Click on the link for more details (including a link directly to the story in question), or just scroll down to look through them all.

The Green Light District

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Published June 26, 2010

Who’s on Top?” [Reprint] (Originally published in G Is for Games)

Surprised by the coincidence, I started toward him. Before I reached him, he turned his head, and I saw the red “B” on his hat. I stopped.

He was a Red Sox fan.

At that moment he caught sight of me, and his face lit up when his eyes met mine—until they dropped slightly to my jacket.

I was wearing my Yankees pullover, and his expression immediately shifted to one of surprise and then distaste.

As much as I was a Yankees fan through and through, I didn’t get into team rivalries as much as some, appreciating the game itself more than identification with a particular team. Nonetheless, I was sure we were both aware that our respective teams happened to be facing off that very night with the first of a three-game series in New York. Even as I felt the heat rise in me, I held my smile in check, not knowing how seriously Corey took the biggest rivalry in baseball.

His gaze stayed on mine. I held it.

The inning of the game in front of us ended, and his team started to filter back behind the fence to the bench he stood beside. I gave a final nod, my smile just starting to appear as I turned on my heel. The question would be answered, I supposed, by whether or not I ever heard from him again.

Either way, I thought, my team had better win tonight.

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Published September 2, 2010
(Previously published March 30, 2009 at Ruthie’s Club, erotic website now on hiatus)

Is Not Gold

“I was just thinking it’s about time to go,” she said, eyes on the ground. Her voice sounded tight.

He studied her. “No.”

She looked up at him with surprise. She started to speak, but he was already striding toward her, pulling her unceremoniously from the bench and up against him, kissing her with the solidity of the mountain behind him.

She didn’t need convincing. Her body responded to him the way it always had, and soon she was clawing at his jacket, at everything that separated her from him, and he was shrugging out of it and pushing hers from her shoulders, their eyes still closed, nothing but harsh, frantic kissing between them as he ripped her blouse open and she tore off his belt.

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