April 29th, 2009

Naps Are Magical

Walt Disney World Diversional (Hey, Disney makes up its own words — I’m just following their example) Extravaganza — Installment 2

Okay! Feeling a little more, um, un-zombie-ish at this point. Yesterday was a full day at Animal Kingdom, and today was the same at EPCOT, but both days we had naps sometime in the afternoon — which is good because this morning we went to bed somewhat absurdly close to the time we were scheduled to get up. The night before, however, despite getting up yesterday at an hour at which I have been more commonly known to be going to bed, we went to bed so (understandably) early that I felt almost coherent within an hour or so of getting up. This is the first time I have been simultaneously in the room and not asleep (or, well, I guess, otherwise occupied…) since we’ve gotten here. At this point I feel like I may have to designate a blog-catch up period. :)

On that note, it’s not actually going to be now, lol. We’re just returning from a spectacular day at EPCOT, and I imagine Rick will want to post at some point some of the magnificent pictures he took yesterday at the marvelous Animal Kingdom (I now understand your enthusiasm, Kristina!), but right now I think we’re going to head to the pool before once again catapulting into bed. Despite the magic of naps, it does seem it might behoove us to move sleep up a bit on the priority list (actually putting it on there might be a start).

Before I go I’ll tell you about our fabulous room though. It’s pirate-themed (which reminds me of some of Donna‘s descriptions of the Japanese Love Hotels), and Rick did a very nice job photographing it last night before and around my making it look somewhat like a shipwreck had actually taken place there. As you can see, our room has beds that are in boats, a refrigerator in a barrel, and dresser drawers that look like wooden cargo boxes. It also has another smaller treasure chest dresser and a giant pirate flag curtain in front of the closet area. And our comforter has a gold and gemstone treasure on it. (I’m staying in a hotel room with emeralds on the bedspread. ;))

All right, we’re off to the pool/hot tub in our resort now. Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom, and then I suspect the schedule will slow down a bit. We’ve technically already been to all four major theme parks at WDW now, though we’d like to spend more time at at least a couple of them. So there should be more to come from both of us soon. :)

Have a beautiful night (or, as they say here, a magical one)!


“Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate’s life for me…”

2 Responses “Naps Are Magical”

  1. Whoah, your room is awesome and very much like a love hotel. I hope you’re finding time for love and animal passions of your own amidst all the sightseeing ;-).

  2. Why, shiver me timbers… Sounds like your having a great time!

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