December 17th, 2009

Lighting a Red Candle

As I mentioned last year (though on MySpace at the time, as it was before this blog was launched), December 17 is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers as conceived and named by Annie Sprinkle and SWOP-USA in 2003. The red umbrella is an international symbol (history/origination here) of support for the rights of and protestation of violence and discrimination against sex workers.

An article by Dr. Sprinkle about the origination of the recognition of this day may be found here. It is a read I highly recommend.

SWOP-USA’s December 17 site contains a listing of events around the country and world to recognize the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I don’t know of any organized gatherings in the geographical location where I am this year, so my own commemoration will be solo. I have procured a red candle (conveniently easy to do this time of year) that is currently lit and that I plan to have lit throughout the day in silent support for current and former sex workers, our rights as professionals and as individuals, and deep reverence and respect for those who experienced violence in the line of work in the last year and ever.

And reverence and respect for all.



“One day you’ll have to let it go, you’ll have to let it go…one day you’ll stand up on your own, remember losing hope, remember feeling low, remember all the feelings and the day they stopped; we are, we are all innocent, we are all innocent, we are, we are…”
-Our Lady Peace “Innocent”

3 Responses “Lighting a Red Candle”

  1. danielle says:

    i have read a couple of articles of /about annie sprinkle and she is just her love-art-performance in which she will mary her girlfriend seven times..i think she has one more time to go right? if i recall it the right way she married her first time in red…so its perfect with the red candle..and i actually bought candles the other day..a red one too..i didnt ahd any plans for it..just bought it because the candle smelled so now i know what to do it,..i shine a light to for all the wonderful sexworkers…:-)
    so em..thank your for “enlighting” us again…:-)

  2. Emerald says:

    Hi Danielle!

    Yes, I love Annie Sprinkle’s work — I have named her as one of my sexual heroes. And indeed, since the project you mention seems to roughly correspond to the chakras, red was first!

    How lovely that you happen to have just gotten a red candle. :) Thank you so much for your support, and thank you for coming by and commenting. Hugs!


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