August 25th, 2010

Recommended Reading #9: Sex Work Beyond Stereotypes

      “Feminism and Whores” by Douglas Fox (Sexual Culture, Sex Work) 8/13/10

I love that this piece really delves in to the gender stereotypes and sexual oppression/repression related to the criminalization and social denigration of sex work. Specifically this piece addresses the movement of feminism and its historical relation to other social movements juxtaposed with a current claim of feminism within an anti-sex-work perspective.


      “The Shit Stops Here” by Veronica Monet (Sex Work, Sex and Spirituality) 7/17/09

I have long been a fan of the public/activist offerings I have seen from Veronica Monet. A retired escort, Veronica talks in this blog post about psychological phenomena of projection and lack of introspection or self-awareness and some of the ways she has experienced others’ perceptions of her former livelihood.


      This professional companion bio (Sex Work)

This is one of numerous lovely bios I have read on a number of professional companions’ (beautiful!) websites. I do not know this individually personally; I was just struck by the bio she provides and recommend it not only because of its loveliness but also because it may expand one’s view and understanding of working as a whore, why one may choose such work, the integration of other aspects of one’s life with such work, etc.


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5 Responses “Recommended Reading #9: Sex Work Beyond Stereotypes”

  1. ste says:

    Another interesting selection.

    Veronica Monet’s point about society’s views of prostitutes being coloured by its own discomfort with sex is a way of looking at it that hasn’t occured to me before.

  2. ste says:

    Emerald, I saw this article linked on Violet Blue’s website yesterday and thought you might be interested.

  3. Thank you so much for this provocative reading list! Veronica Monet’s blog is so amazingly wise and insightful. This intelligent and open-minded view of sexuality makes me realize that the patriarchy is not so kind to the male psyche either. We’re all falsely divided from our natural desires in the system, and we all have or are tempted to project our “bad” selves onto others.

  4. Emerald says:

    Hey ste—thanks for that link. I had actually seen that on Violet’s site too, but I hadn’t taken the opportunity to read it at the time, so I appreciate that you reminded me here! That seems like a great article, too. I was shocked to read that Sweden still taxed the proceeds of sex work even though purchasing it in the country is illegal?! That seems outrageously inappropriate and hypocritical to me.

    Hi Donnna! Thank you so very much, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. As I mention in the post, I have been a big fan of the offerings I’ve seen from Ms. Monet.

    Thank you both for coming by, reading, and commenting, and I am truly so glad you appreciated/enjoyed Veronica’s post. :)


  5. ste says:

    I couldn’t quite get my head around the tax aspect of the situation in Sweden either, Emerald.

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