February 16th, 2011

Recommended Reading #34: Humanity and Inspiration

      “Creating Change: Solidarity, Human Rights, and the Smell of New Ideas” by Dr. Elizabeth Wood (Self-Awareness, Rights and Advocacy, Sexual Identity) 2/11/11

I find this piece simply brilliant. There isn’t much I have to add to that, except to say that what I particularly adore and appreciate in this piece is the framework I interpret Elizabeth as presenting that the sexual rights movement and indeed all rights movements are ultimately about human rights—the fundamental rights of all humans that don’t need to be gained or granted somehow but simply recognized, as they are universal. Really, she says it better than I know how to: “I have these rights and freedoms not because I am queer, but because I am human. And because I am human and I care about these rights it is my obligation to fight so that everyone, regardless of identity, can enjoy them.”


      “Rob Thomas: Biography” (Non-sex-related, Creative Process, Writing, Self-Awareness) 2009

So this is the official website bio of Rob Thomas, and yes, I adore Rob Thomas’s work and have since the release of “Push” on the radio in 1996. But I really don’t feel I’m featuring this here just because of that obvious bias. Every time I have read Rob’s words and perspective in this piece, I have been struck by what I see as the brilliance within them—about the creative process, about songwriting (which to me translates pretty easily to creative writing in general), about universal experience. Toward the middle, there are some paragraphs devoted entirely to discussion of his particular music, and those could be skipped over in the context of this recommendation—but I truly find what Rob says here inspirational and well worth reading whether a fan of or familiar with the music he’s created or not.


      “Wael Ghonim and Egypt’s New Age Revolution” on YouTube (Recommended Watch, Non-sex-related, Politics, Self-Awareness) 2/13/11

This has been pretty widespread in the general news, I suspect, but I still want to feature it on my blog particularly. What I sense in Mr. Ghonim’s words here is extraordinary awakeness, authenticity, and groundedness. Particularly notable to me are his mention that revenge is not his goal (something I find indescribably heartening and deeply relate to), the statement that he kissed each of the soldiers who held him captive when they let him go, and his response to whether his captors hit him—yes, he says, but he takes care to explain why he feels they did so and that he harbors no vindication about it. What I see in Mr. Ghonim here is a profound inspiration to me.


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3 Responses “Recommended Reading #34: Humanity and Inspiration”

  1. ste says:

    I love Dr Wood’s article. i’m glad you posted it; it reminded me to go back to another article she wrote a while back (which I think you also linked to here!)

  2. Emerald says:

    “Reflections on Outness,” ste? I remember your commenting about that one at the time; I recalled it too as I was reading and posting this one. (I have found Elizabeth consistently brilliant….)

    As for this one, I’m glad you appreciated it! Delightful to see you (as always)!

  3. ste says:

    Yes, that was the one!

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