May 4th, 2011

Recommended Reading #45: Memoir, Pt. II

      “When the Politics of Hate Comes Home: A Lesbian Couple Grapples with How Politics Affects Their Critically-Ill Child” by Jaime Jenett (Politics, Law, Sex and Society, Sexual Orientation, Parenting, Relationship) 5/1/11

This was rather one of the more wrenching, poignant, stunning things I had read in a while. At the end of the post, a link is provided to go elsewhere to read the rest of it (which I suspect anyone who reads that far will want to do), and I highly encourage doing so. This is the kind of piece that seems to me to cut straight through political and abstract considerations to the very personal implications public policy and societal standards have on individuals’ lives.


      “Happiness. It’s crazy, I tell you.” by Kristina Wright (Writing, Philosophy, Memoir) 4/30/11

I simply adore this brazen exposition by one of my favorite individuals that I have never met in person, Kristina Wright. Reading this reminded me of getting on an amusement park ride and being carried along breathlessly until the very end. Beautiful.


      “Safe Word” on Love, sex, feminism and cats (Relationship, BDSM, Memoir) 4/18/11

This post takes my breath away. I am a big advocate of safe words generally speaking, and this luminous demonstration of both their practical use and, in this case, their potential to encompass even greater implications struck me as profound and beautiful.


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