May 11th, 2011

Recommended Reading #46: Touch

      “Healing The Entire Body. Why Would We Exclude The Genitals?” by Susan Miranda (Health and Body, Sex and Culture) 1/21/11

I deeply appreciate this commentary about touch, specifically about touch of the genitals that is not necessarily sexual. I found especially perceptive and intriguing the offering about the genitals so regularly being left out of non-sexual touch and how that may affect the holistic response of our bodies and of the genitals particularly. Of course, the reading of the line, “What I seem to say more often than anything else in my education work is that it is not what we do or say, but how we do or say something that is most important” exponentially solidified my adoration of the offering of this piece, as it is a quote that to me encompasses one of the most fundamental truths of our existence.


      “The Beautiful Gift of Touch” by Krista Haapala (Health and Body, Relationship, Self-Awareness) 4/11/11

The title sums up the tone of this piece, and it is also one I profoundly appreciate. The underestimation or even denigration of (non-sexual) touch I perceive in this culture is something I find disheartening and sometimes even concerning. I so wholeheartedly agree with the author that touch encompasses profound potential for connection, healing, and understanding. I am delighted to see awareness of this and the sharing of that awareness as well as support for all of us in cultivating and expressing conscious touch (which includes, as I experience the author as alluding to, awareness of and respect for touch not being wanted and/or desired personal space at any given moment).


      “A Parent’s story” at Touching Base (Sex and Disability, Parenting, Sex Work) Undated

I really don’t know what to even say about this piece. Every time I have read it, I have felt so moved it has virtually left me speechless. There feels like no way to introduce it that does it justice, so I simply offer it with reverence and gratitude.


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