August 17th, 2011

Recommended Reading #60: Sex and (Mainstream) Media, Pt. II

      “Men Who ‘Buy Sex’ Commit More Crimes; Newsweek, Trafficking, and the Lie of Fabricated Sex Studies” by Thomas Roche (Sex Work, Sex and Culture, Sociology, Feminism) 7/20/11

Once again I appreciate a piece by Thomas Roche in which he, as I interpret it, calls out the mainstream media for glaringly uninformed reportagae on the subject of sexuality. In addition, I find what he says comprehensive, incisive, and perhaps most of all, vitally important to an understanding and consideration of the issues—and the presentation thereof—in question.


      “A Dirty Smutter Writes to the New York Times Sunday Magazine” by Donna George Storey (Sex and Culture, Writing, Sex and Art) 8/15/11

This beautiful letter arose from the article I mentioned last week on my blog (first brought to my attention by Shanna Germain) by Charles McGrath about the author Nicholson Baker. I feel such resonance with and so deeply appreciate this thoughtful, articulate, eloquent response from Donna. Her point, to me, is deeply well taken.


      Letter to the Editor in response to “Ladies, We Have a Problem” by Ruth R. Miller (Sex and Culture, Feminism) 8/5/11

The letter I really want to bring attention to here is the second one, but there is no way to separate it out into its own link. I am including it here because it says exactly what I thought when I read Rebecca Traister’s article a few weeks ago (Lana Fox also supplied a lovely response at the Boston Daily)—the last two sentences in particular strike me as incisive articulations of what seem to me some of the most profound truths about current society and feminism.


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4 Responses “Recommended Reading #60: Sex and (Mainstream) Media, Pt. II”

  1. I’m really honored to be included on this week’s reading list! Recently I’ve seen so many articles that remind me how far we have to go to reach a place of respect for sexuality. There is still so much fear at the root of it, which then is expressed in a variety of ways: hysteria, snobbish disdain, even a “feminist’s” frowning disapproval takes its toll. Thanks as always for these thoughtful links to articles that keep our minds open and sane voices heard!

  2. Lana Fox says:

    Em, yes oh yes, I agree with Donna! And thank you so much for the mention, as well as the super recs. That NYT letter is perfect – a breath of fresh air. xoxox

  3. Emerald says:

    Thanks so much for saying that, Donna. It means a lot to me that you’ve appreciated the links I’ve provided! As far as yours, I found it brilliant. :) Thank you so much for writing it, and it is my privilege to showcase it.


  4. Emerald says:

    Hi Lana! I really loved that letter too—so glad to see it published in the NYT. And indeed, I’m glad it gave me a chance to mention your response too! :) Thank you so much for coming by! Xoxoxo

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