September 28th, 2011

Recommended Reading #66: Self-Awareness, Pt. II

      “Lonely Poly” by Selene (Sex and Spirituality, Non-Monogamy, Memoir) 8/17/11

This may be one of the most beautiful and resonant things I have read. The self-awareness, gratitude, awakeness I perceive in it move me deeply, probably in large part because I personally relate to so much of it—I suspect it is also, though, because those things just seem to emanate from the author in the writing of this piece above and beyond the piece’s content. Beautiful.


      “Deep In the Valley: Going to a Porn Shoot” by Dr. Marty Klein (Pornography, Sex Work, Sex and Culture) 8/29/11

I love this “inside look” at a porn shoot. Having worked in porn myself, I felt/feel exactly the same way I interpret Dr. Klein as describing here–that it’s a job and not particularly different from other things people do as jobs. I too do not and did not understand the “big deal” that seems to drive some perspectives that seem so vehemently opposed to or concerned about pornography. I also really, really like Marty’s evocation of the viewer’s contribution to porn being of considerable significance to the experience of it, which strikes me as highly insightful and is what, to me, makes this piece relate to self-awareness.


      “The Alkie and the Chicken Vendor” by John DeVore (Non-sex-related, Addiction, Memoir) 4/21/11

While this seems to me to be written with an undertone of humor, my reading of it focused on more of what I interpreted as the poignant challenge and self-awareness of what the author reveals. That the piece seems to me imbued with both indicates skillful writing, but it also struck me as personal and expressive in a way I found unavoidably moving. I wish the author all the best.


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2 Responses “Recommended Reading #66: Self-Awareness, Pt. II”

  1. Erobintica says:

    Though I haven’t read the last one (not sure why I’m avoiding it), I enjoyed reading the first two. Both were written with much calmness. Or at least that’s what came through for me. I’ve not had much of that lately.

  2. Emerald says:

    Maybe I should have made “Calmness” the theme for the week. :) I felt that way too, actually, and appreciated it as well. Hugs to you. Xoxoxoxo

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