November 16th, 2011

Recommended Reading #73: Digging Deeper

      “The Difference Between Talking About Sex And Having Sex” by Dr. Charlie Glickman (Sexuality Education, Youth, Sex and Culture) 10/20/11

I find this article excellent. Charlie points out in a lucid, calm, sensitive way why talking about sex to, for example, children, is not the same (or even close to it) as “sexualizing” them. As has often seemed the case to me with Charlie’s writing, he presents something with which I wholeheartedly agree but had not quite noticed or articulated myself. Much appreciation to him!


      “SlutWalk NYC Speech” by Audacia Ray (Activism, Sex Work, SlutWalk) 10/1/11

I find this relatively short speech high on complexity (not surprising, coming from Audacia), and basically I feel she says quite a lot with rather few words. The observations she offers about intersecting identities and different forms of privilege and oppression strike me as starkly relevant and reminiscent of the complexity of human rights/social justice advocacy and of everyone’s experience. I especially appreciate the perceptoin, as I have seen stated before, that solidarity and respect for human rights includes allhuman rights—and that advocacy for any requires this awareness of the desirability of all.


      “Don’t EVEN Get Me Started, Mythical Bootstraps College Student” by Buster Blonde at Persephone Magazine (Non-Sex-Related, Economics) 10/21/11

I don’t claim to know much about economics myself, but I frankly certainly find (what seem to me) blasé arguments about how easy or at least doable it is to support oneself in the current overall systemic economical and cultural environment of the United States without a whole lot of factors already seeming to be in one’s favor frustratingly, sometimes maddeningly, dubious. I appreciate the time and breakdown the author offered here in response to such a presentation. (Note: The few comments I chose to peruse on this post included some that seemed to offer considerable disagreement. There may be merit in those too; again, I don’t claim to be an expert in economics. A lot of what I interpreted from this post, though, rang true to me and seems important to me to be pointed out.) [Thanks to Graydancer for the link.]


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