November 23rd, 2011

Recommended Reading #74: Parenting, Pt. III

      “I’m Proud That My Mom Got Arrested” by Amelia McDonell-Parry (Non-sex-related, Activism, Sociology, Politics) 10/4/11

I found this a moving, compellingly-written account of a daughter’s perception of her mother in the context of a larger picture about activism and United States public policy and, as a quote in the article calls it, fundamental infrastructure. I agree that the point of the article is not to comment or persuade about said protest or circumstances; nonetheless, I found the implications intrinsic to the context powerful. Overall I found this a beautiful and poignant piece.


      “Respect the ‘No'” by Marlo Gayle (Youth, Consent, Bodily Autonomy) 11/11/11

While the message of this may seem obvious, I agree with the author that, “As a culture, we treat children as community property.” What I interpret as being stated in this short piece strikes me as an important recognition and offering.


      “Raising a Strong-Voiced Girl” by Lynne Marie Wanamaker (Non-sex-related, Psychology, Self-Awareness, Youth) 1/18/09

I have little to add to his. On a personal level, I felt virtually speechless (pre-verbal) when I finished it, so saying something about it doesn’t feel forthcoming…. There is much I appreciate here in terms of self-awareness and the relevance of that to parenting. I especially herald the perspective on which I perceive this article to be based of one’s child’s full humanity—that they are not simply small extended versions of the parents but entire autonomous beings of their own. The delineation as such of “mid-wifing the child’s creation of itself” versus wanting the child to be “good/obedient” here strikes me deeply.


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