November 30th, 2011

Recommended Reading #75: Relationship, Pt. II

      “Before Your Next Fight, Read This” by Daniel Shapiro (Non-sex-related, Psychology, Self-Awareness) 10/2006

I love the emphasis on empathy in this offering, and the offering in its entirety strikes me as resonant and powerful. It also seems filled with self-awareness, which I appreciate. Overall, the title, as farfetched as it may sound, actually seems to me a fair suggestion!


      “A Revolutionary Relationship” by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Non-monogamy, Sex and Culture, Psychology) 11/30/04

Like Rachel, I feel pretty blown away by Ms. Dodson’s offerings here, and the perspective she offers seems so important to me, if only to invite awareness of self-love (and it’s un-overstatable importance, as far as I’m concerned) and an alternative to the monogamy-as-standard/default perception that seems (still!) so pervasive in contemporary (Western, at least) culture.


      “Relocation…? Bonus.” by Mollena (Relationship, Monogamy, Self-Awareness) 10/6/11

I love—and found downright mesmerizing—this contemplative offering from Mollena, especially since it so clearly outlines and expresses the internal process and self-awareness it encompassed. I also personally appreciate the reminder (as I interpreted it) about how beautiful some people experience monogamy as and why and how they feel drawn to it. It reminds me how obvious it seems to me that honoring oneself, the expression of others’ preferences and perspective, and the uniqueness of each situation and connection are the cornerstones of—perhaps all that is really important in—relationship.


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2 Responses “Recommended Reading #75: Relationship, Pt. II”

  1. ste says:

    Rachel Kramer Bussel’s article was great. Another good find, Emerald!

  2. Emerald says:

    Hi ste! :) Thanks—I’m very glad you enjoyed it. Great to see you!

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