December 2nd, 2011

Best Erotic Romance Is Out, and an Interview About My Story!

Best Erotic Romance, edited by Kristina Wright and published by Cleis Press, has been released! It’s not available on Kindle yet, but the print version is in stock now at Amazon, via the publisher, and of course at numerous other retailers.

I am honored that my story “Honey Changes Everything” is included in Best Erotic Romance along with stories from numerous authors I admire and am delighted to appear alongside. In addition, Best Erotic Romance has been reviewed by Publishers Weekly (where it received a starred review) and RT Book Reviews—where the reviewer actually mentioned my story!

I am thrilled by all of this, of course—and I am further delighted to announce that paranormal romance author Siobhan Muir has invited me to be interviewed about “Honey Changes Everything” (and erotica and writing in general) on her blog today! I met Siobhan in September at the Erotic Authors Association conference, and it has been a pleasure to make her acquaintance.

Our interview is here. Siobhan asked a number of questions I loved answering about erotica and why I write it, and it was really a pleasure to talk with her. I am honored to be a guest on her blog and thank her again for inviting me and being such a lovely host!


Kim started to protest as the amber liquid began to drip, but she froze as it touched her skin. She squirmed as a drop fell to the floor, but Terry pushed on her shoulder, holding her against the counter. She started to speak again, and the words dissipated as he pressed his mouth to the honey flowing like lava over her clavicle. His warm tongue swept over her skin as he claimed the sweet liquid from it.
-from “Honey Changes Everything”

4 Responses “Best Erotic Romance Is Out, and an Interview About My Story!”

  1. Great interview, and a delicious (literally) excerpt!

    I appreciate the kind mention of my writings too. I’m honored.

  2. Emerald says:

    Thank you Craig, and thank you for reading!

    And you were one of the first that entered my consciousness when I read the question. :) I so appreciate the writing I’ve read from you.

    Hugs and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love how your sensitivity and compassion course through all your stories. I can’t wait to read this one in full!

    And thank you for the wonderful shout-out! (And I love the Emerald-appropriate green ink, too.)

  4. Emerald says:

    Thank you so much, Jeremy. Similarly, I am looking forward to delving further into The Pleasure Dial! :) (I was sick in bed at the time I received it, so my reading has been a bit delayed….)

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