February 29th, 2012

Recommended Reading #88: Addressing Misconceptions, Pt. IV

      “Hearing on Religion and Freedom of Conscience Was ‘Misleading, Unbalanced and Inaccurate.'” by Catholics for Choice (Reproductive Freedom, Religion, Politics) 2/16/12

I not only intensely love what I interpret this piece as saying but also hugely appreciate its timeliness and accessibility to the public. Really, I wish everyone in the United States (and, ideally, the world) would read it and take note.


      “Violet Gordon Woodhouse (and Her Men)” by Kristina Wright (Sex and Culture, Biography, Politics) 2/24/12

I was riveted by this post and its author’s deft back-and-forth between the fascinating historical information and commentary on the present. The knowledge of the existence of such a figure, whom I will admit was previously unknown to me, feels refreshing and inspiring and actually reassuring to me. I’m so appreciative to Kristina for bringing her to my attention.


      “State of the Tart: A Sluthood Manifesto” at the Swarthmore College Daily Gazette (Gender Socialization, Sex and Culture, Sociology, Memoir) 2/23/12

Sometimes I read something and immediately start planning how to arrange the next Recommended Reading around it so I can proclaim my adoration of it as quickly as practical. This was one of them.


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