March 7th, 2012

Recommended Reading #89: Digging Deeper, Pt. II

      “The Virtue of Pride” by T. Thorn Coyle (Non-sex-related, Psychology, Sociology, Self-Promotion, Spirituality) 12/16/11

I personally relate to a vast amount of what the author offers here (basically what she is lamenting). I have indeed found it quite challenging to assert my “place in the world” or “claim [my] space.” Seeing the folly and lack of usefulness of this stated so plainly (as I interpret it) strikes me as important–and while I don’t suddenly feel able to let go of the challenges I have historically experienced in this area, I do find this piece inspiring and appreciate the support I perceive in the message.


      “Confessions of a ‘Bad’ Teacher” by William Johnson (Non-sex-related, United States Public Policy, Education) 3/3/12

I feel particular resonance with the author’s articulation of potential long-term lessons teachers offer (in contrast with seemingly immediate results observable on performance tests). It does seem to me that numerous of a teacher’s effective offerings may not appear immediately noticeable due simply to the age and experience levels of students. That doesn’t mean tests or performance evaluations don’t have potential value, but losing sight of larger considerations in deference to them seems to me a profoundly un-ideal method of examining teaching.


      “Let’s Stop Insulting People By Comparing Them To Sex Workers (And Sluts!)” by Jamie Peck (Sex and Culture, Sex Work) 3/6/12

Ah, indeed. Obviously some of Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments about Sandra Fluke have seemed to evoke a social maelstrom. This post addresses one of the implicit allusions I have interpreted and found disturbing in some of the societal response. I both appreciate seeing attention brought to it in general and also like how the author frames it here particularly.


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