March 14th, 2012

Recommended Reading #90: Parenting, Pt. IV

      “Going Dutch?” by Julie Gillis (Youth, Sex and Culture) 10/31/11

I’m not surprised that other places/countries have seemingly calmer and more astute (or sane…) tendencies in dealing with sexuality, especially of young people, but I really appreciate what I also see in this piece about the postulation of Dutch parents actually trusting and respecting their teenage children. I don’t know if it always occurs to us in this country that, to me anyway, a vast majority of the shielding and denial we do of young people’s sexuality is disrespectful to their autonomy and their very humanness. As the author notes, there are salient questions surrounding the topic, but I do feel the collective predilection in this country to deny (and act hysterical about) young people’s sexuality is extreme and that we could learn something from a culture that seems to view it differently.


      “Keep the conversation going: How to handle sexuality questions outside of your comfort zone” by Remi Newman (Youth, Sexuality Education, Communication) 2/13/12

I appreciate the recommendations here—it strikes me as so relevant to recognize that even if parents have fostered open communication with their children about sexuality, it does not mean they (parents) are immune to their own issues. Recognizing that, it seems to me, may help prevent an inappropriate or shaming response to a child’s question that might, as the author mentions, be triggering to the parent who is asked.


      “What It’s Like To Be A Parent In An Open Marriage” by Sierra (Non-Monogamy, Youth, Sex and Culture, Relationship) 2/14/12

I simply love this. It may be one of my favorite things I’ve ever read on the subject of non-monogamy, at least in the context of children/families.


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