October 3rd, 2012

Recommended Reading #119: Politics, Pt. IV

      “What do responses to the Washington DC 20-week abortion ban tell us about the habits of the prochoice movement?” by Tracy Weitz (Reproductive Rights, U.S. Public Policy) 7/25/12

I firmly agree with what I interpret this piece as saying and indeed have felt such things for some time. Constitutionality might be relevant practically, but I have never found it an argument to use as a basis for reproductive rights—the basic right to sexual and bodily autonomy is far more fundamental than anything any court/Court has to say. I see the right to choose and obtain an abortion as fundamentally frankly having nothing to do with law or courts—the right is always there regardless of practical circumstances. Again, practical circumstances and law are important, but it seems to me an emphasis on and understanding of the fundamental rights involved for all women would be more likely to lead organically to those protections than continually fighting for manipulable legal protections will lead to actual reproductive freedom.


      “Republicans, Democrats: Here’s A Sexual Health Platform” by Dr. Marty Klein (U.S. Public Policy, Health and Body, Sex and Culture) 9/8/12

How lovely it seems to me it would be if what’s expressed here actually made its way into mainstream public conversation. And even lovelier, it also seems to me, if these policies were understood to be the accepted and acceptable framework of sexual public policy in the United States.


      “Sex: the missing term from the contraception and abortion debate” by Chloe Angyal (Sex and Culture, Gender, Health and Body) 10/2/12

I don’t even know what to add to this. I love it, and I feel so energized and delighted to see it said.


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