October 17th, 2012

Recommended Reading #121: Parenting, Pt. V

      “The right way to talk to young girls about beauty” by Hugo Schwyzer (Non-Sex-Related, Gender Socialization, Sociology) 1/17/12

I simply love this and couldn’t agree more. To me our systems of socialization have seemed so skewed that we seem to have difficulty seeing physical beauty or attractiveness as simply another of multitudes of personal traits different people experience, prioritize, and perceive differently. Why is physical beauty, for example, seen (it seems to me) in some contexts as more or less universally relevant than, for example, the ability to run fast or retain memories of historical facts or play chess or project one’s voice? Each of these seems to have different contexts in which it seems more relevant, and some people who have not experienced themselves as exemplifying these qualities may wish to, and some people may feel more inclined to appreciate or pay attention to cultivating any of these traits than others. I see physical beauty as another of these traits. Our socialization has somehow made this seem more complicated, which I find somewhat unfortunate.


      “Why I Didn’t Call The Cops After My Daughter’s Near Sexual Assault” by Lynn Beisner (Sexual Assault, Youth, U.S. Justice System) 10/9/12

[TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault]
I recommend this because the strength and courage of the young woman involved almost leaves me speechless—both from gratitude and from admiration. I appreciate her actions so much. The author’s expression that her daughter, by “doing whatever it took to even survive, let alone escape rape” had “earned the right to choose what happened next” struck me deeply. Another thing that struck me was the incredible relationship between the mother and daughter, especially for a young teenager. Extraordinary, and I’m so glad for both of them that they had that level of respect, trust, and connection with each other. Additionally, the author’s mention that she “knew in [her] heart that in a perfect world, this would be something that a criminal justice system should investigate” gave me a hollow feeling. What a horrible predicament that our “justice” system simply does not feel dependable to some people in some places (understandably, I don’t doubt).


      “You are enough” by Hollie Holden (Non-Sex-Related, Consciousness/Spirituality, Self-Awareness) 10/15/12

A profound message—and one I find universally well-taken.


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