December 12th, 2012

Recommended Reading #128: Autonomy, Pt. II

      “Parental notification reconsidered — and rejected — by the father of a daughter” by Hugo Schwyzer (Youth, Parenting, Reproductive Rights) 3/25/10

The minor (in this context) issue of my general eschewal of the word “God” notwithstanding, I adore the entirety of this piece intensely. I love the intersection of personal, philosophical, and insightful that I see it as embodying (I just realized I’ve often noticed a particular knack for that in Hugo’s writing), and I couldn’t agree more with its content.


      “Quick Hit: The Smiths believe in raising a girl in command of her own body” by Syreeta (Parenting, Youth, Gender Socialization) 11/27/12

This strikes me as simultaneously so obvious and yet so woefully commonly unrecognized. I also find it profoundly important and so appreciate that Willow’s parents embody and set this example.


      “Blind Iowa Man Empowers Disabled Students to Follow Their Dreams” by Kristin Kloberdanz (Humanity, Disability, Non-Sex-Related) 10/17/12

I find this deeply beautiful and inspiring.


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