February 27th, 2013

Recommended Reading #139: Digging Deeper, Pt. V

      “Privilege Checklist.” by A Glasgow Sex Worker (Sex Work, Sex and Culture, Sociology) Undated

Nicely, nicely put.


      “Call things by their proper names” by Sofie Buckland (Pornography, Sex and Culture, Gender, Sociology) 1/12/12

I appreciate what this says a lot (I interpret it as expressing a number of things I too have long since stated), and when I went to skim the article it references and to which it links, I soon found myself horrified by what I interpreted from it. For one thing, I will say I all but can’t stand the word “rape” being used to mean what someone outside of an interaction perceives as something that shouldn’t happen or looked like rape to him/her/them. This seems to me a severe dilution of, as Ms. Buckland states, perception or understanding around the actual experience of rape. (As an aside, this is why I deplore the use of the term “statutory rape” to describe anything consensual.) The flippancy with which Withnail threw around the word “rape” left me breathlessly appalled. To get back to Ms. Buckland’s piece, I especially appreciate her pointing out that women’s performance in porn is indeed labor; I have found the seeming way there has been a difference in perception between genders doing the same work on a porn set maddening. As I see it, a perception that such work is “degrading” to one gender and not another is a commentary about sex and gender (and an ominous one), rather than about pornography. That is something I wish we would recognize more.


      “From Emily, Who Really Gets It.” by Heather Corinna (Youth, Sexuality Education, Social Support) 2/27/13

I feel this speaks for itself.


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