March 6th, 2013

Recommended Reading #140: Humanity and Inspiration, Pt. VI

      “We Found Our Son in the Subway” by Peter Mercurio (Non-sex-related, Parenting) 2/28/13

This is just one of the more beautiful, extraordinary things I’ve read in a while. (Thanks to Kristina Wright for the link.)


      “Mar 1, 2013 5:22pm” via Baltimore County Public Schools (Recommended Watch, Non-sex-related, Youth) 3/1/13

I so deeply, dearly wish this would magically have the effect of eliminating young people acting deliberately hurtful to each other it almost hurts. I experience poignancy and gratitude watching it and knowing that a high school psychology class created it.


      “A BEAUTIFUL RESCUE STORY” by Jennifer Nendza (Non-sex-related, Animals) 3/6/13

(When you start reading the caption on this lovely picture, you’ll just need to click “See more” when you get there. This is viewable even to those not on Facebook.) I’m not sure how anyone could not find this precious, but I certainly did. Knowing there are people like this that care so much about animals heartens and relieves me so much it almost feels overwhelming.


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