March 13th, 2013

Recommended Reading #141: Writing, Pt. V

      “The Wolf Reader” by George Szirtes (Non-sex-related, Poetry, Creativity) 3/9/13

I was struck by this poem, and I additionally loved the author notes that followed it. The river analogy and attendant descriptions represent one of my favorite perspectives about art, creativity, and indeed, life!


      “Ecstasy For All or Hell on Earth” by Jean Roberta (Sociology, Psychology, Gender Relations, Sex and Culture) 2/26/13

I appreciate this contemplative view of writing and erotica. I do feel that embodying joy and love inherently supports and increases its presence in the world, but I also feel I understand what Jean is saying in this piece. I too have tended to feel drawn to incorporating “reality,” including challenges, into some of my erotic stories. Most of all, I love Jean’s articulation of her recognition about sensory experience and grounding in reality.


      “The Death of the Erotica Webzine?” by Donna George Storey (Erotica, Publishing, Sex and Culture) 2/18/13

As I see it, Donna has a way of grounding and reminding us of the true (potential) significance of exploring and expressing sexuality via the written word. She has also set rather a profound example of such, and I appreciate and find refreshing her steadfast perception of what I see as one of the abiding truths of what we do.


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