April 3rd, 2013

Recommended Reading #143: Expansion

      “The End of Normal Sex” by Dr. Marty Klein (Sex and Culture, U.S. Public Policy, Sociology) 3/31/13

I find this a fascinating exposition on both the political motivations and ramifications of attempted sexual influence over citizenry and the current circumstances of sexual culture in the United States.


      “going deep to move forward” by Leela (Non-Sex-Related, Consciousness, Self-Awareness) 3/26/13

I experienced a resonance with this piece that moved me to tears. Everything in it is something I truly want the whole world to know.


      “CatalystCon or Why I’ll Never Call Myself a ‘Lowly Blogger’ Again” by The Redhead Bedhead (Sex Education, Community, Self-Awareness) 3/22/13

I would probably love this post even if I hadn’t also been at CatalystCon East, but having been there and experienced a similar inspiring and vitalizing energy, I suspect I appreciate it all the more. I can understand how the conference could have such an effect on someone, and I’m so glad it did according to this particular account. I find this post inspiring on par with the level at which I found CatalystCon inspiring—which is hugely so. I experience it as awesome to see someone assert the importance of sincere sexual understanding, exploration, and appreciation and the importance of her/his/their own presence and contribution. Beautiful.


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