December 4th, 2013

Recommended Reading #178: Sex(uality) as Labor, Pt. III

      This Facebook note by Sabrina Morgan (Sex Work, Sex and Culture, Sex Education) 12/3/13

This seems to me to wrap up the relevance of the relatedness of all sexually-focused work and why, despite maddening and unhelpful legal limitations and stigmas, support for consensual sexuality-focused labor is not a pick-and-choose issue. Nicely said.


      “Porn, Feminist Labor Practices, and The Condom Debate” by Tristan Taormino (Sex Work, Health and Body, Pornography) 9/20/13

I appreciate this for a number of reasons. For one thing, I tend to respect a careful and considered change of position. Appreciating and accepting fluidity and the openness to examine one’s perspective in light of the moment seems a helpful and strong tendency to me, regardless of the content of the perspectives in question. I also support condom use in general (though I agree with Tristan in not supporting last year’s legislative measure Plan B, for the reasons she outlines at that link). I invariably and non-negotiably used and insisted on condom use for all vaginal and anal penetration when I worked in porn, and what one’s test results were or when a fellow performer was last tested would not have influenced that insistence at all. Anyway, I appreciate Tristan’s position, and I appreciate her explanation of it here.


      “What I’ve Learned From…Talking to College Students about Sexuality” by Megan Andelloux (Youth, Sex Education) 11/1/13

To be frank, this piece just elicits a serious “Fuck yeah!” from me. I so appreciate the work Megan Andelloux does.


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